Round Robins

The Round Robins are open again and will run to the end of December 2023.

March - May 2023

The new round robins are now posted online.
Thanks to everyone for competing. The majority of members got to play most of their games is which was great to see.

Congratulations to the Winners of each Division for January/February.
Ladies Doubles
Division 1 Lisa Doyle/Karen Holmes
Division 2 Monica Williams /Pauline Bagnall
Mens Doubles
Division 1 Ger O Connor/Dec Thornton
Division 2 Tim O Donavan/Mark Cunningham
Mixed Doubles 
Division 1 Andrew Dunlea/Patsy Dunlea
Division 2 Don Coughlan/Kate Williams
Division 3 Colin Geary/Fiona Geary
Division 4 Jordon Hughes/Louise Cogan
Mixed Singles
Division 1 Ann Bogan
Division 2 James Northover/John murphy
Division 3 Eoghan O Tuama
Division 4 David O Sullivan

This period will run from 1st March to end of May. With Tournament season upon us, this will give members a better chance to fulfil their games.
There were a couple of queries about walk overs and what to do if you haven’t played someone in your group.
Below are the new guidelines regarding walkovers.
  • If a person/pairing contacts opposition to play a Round Robin Match and a date is agreed. If for any reason one of the players / pairings can’t play the match on the agreed day and time and is not played before the last day of the Round Robin Schedule ,then the person or Pairing that cancelled the original fixture will receive a score of 0 and the other person/pairing will receive a score of 8 
  • In the situation where a game has not being organised between Persons or Pairings and no match is played between persons/parings then each person/pairing will receive a 2 point deduction when the Round Robin closes  

Round Robin Leagues

The new Round Robin Leagues will commence on the 1st of January 2023. 

The new leagues will now be played over 2-month periods so the first Round Robin of 2023 will finish on the 28th of Feb.
The new leagues and divisions are now available to view on ebookingOnline 
Winners of any match will be first person/pairing to win 8 games (it’s no longer a tie-break at 7-7).
The new format in the leagues will see each game in a match won worth 1 point. So, for example if you lose a match 6 games to 8, you will have secured 6 points while the winner(s) has secured 8 points.
You must enter your score via the leagues on E – Booking.
Winner of each division will be based on the most points accumulated over the two months.
At The end of every 2-month period the bottom 2 players/pairings with the least points will be demoted to a lower division, While the top 2 players /pairings will be promoted to a higher division.
Walkovers can only be given in the case of injury or with the approval of the organizer. Any walkover will be a score of 8-0.
We plan to hold an awards night in conjunction with the club closed prize giving for people playing in the round Robins.
Prizes will be awarded for the following:
Most Top Of division standing in each category.
Most top Of Division Category (Men’s doubles/Ladies Doubles/Mixed Doubles/Singles)
This award is for how many times you win a division in a specific Category.
For example, we have presently 3 divisions in the Mixed category so:
You could top Division 3 twice, Division 2 once and Division 1 once throughout the season this means you would have a score of 4 or alternatively you could have a pairing topping division 1 in this category 5 times thorough the season and subsequently this pairing would be deemed the winners of this award. In the event of a tie the player/pairing with the most points accumulated over the season will be deemed the winner.
Just in case I missed anyone’s emails, can you please check to see if your name is entered into the relevant category. If not can you please email me again at .

Round Robin Leagues are now Published on your eBookingOnline Account - Login HERE
Please enter your Results online on your eBookingOnline Account. If you have any issues entering your Results please  contact the Club Captain.