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Club Night - Hitting Practice with Coach Mark -Social Night
Hitting practice is back on Thursday with coach Mark.  Online Booking will open every Sunday at 8pm.
To enter and pay (3 Euro) all you have to do is to login to eBookingOnline, click on any court 1 - Click to Book  for Thursday at 8pm and click enter.  
If the event is full can please contact the organizer or email

European Mobility Week

The Green Team would like to inform members about European Mobility Week which runs from 16th - 22nd Sept. 

It aims to encourage people to walk or cycle instead of using their car for short journeys. 

It gives great health and quality of life benefits, as well as reducing emissions and air pollution.
The Green Team Would like to encourage Members to walk or cycle, even part of the way, to the Tennis Club, School or Work over the next week or so, at least once.  

Members News

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Upcoming Social and Competitive Events for your Diary

13th June - Tennis Social Night Competition and BBQ

Provisionally, 22nd August - 29th August 2020 – Senior Summer Open

12th July Proposed day trip to clay courts in Tipperary

29th -30th August – Proposed overnight away trip

30th Sept – 10th Oct – Senior Closed

18th Oct – Tommy Jackson Trophy

24th Oct – Internal Vet’s Tournament

Weekend Help Required

If any Member is willing to give a hand for 15 minutes over the Summer Months (once a month only) to do a small bit of housekeeping such as disinfecting the gates could you please contact the Club Captain at All help is appreciated in keeping the Club safe.

Senior Open Doubles Tournament

The Club's rescheduled Senior Open Doubles Tournament is provisionally pencilled in for 22nd August -  29th August subject to a risk assessment and finalization of the Tennis Ireland Calendar. More News to follow once Tennis Ireland publish Protocols surrounding the running of a Tournament.

Spring Open

Dear Members,
Thank you to the brave souls who have embraced our new kitchen rota system by putting in their names without knowing when they are playing. It works just like tennis - you commit to it, you find you can't do it, you get a replacement. Easy peasy! The kitchen committee consists of 5 people - they have now put their names into 18 slots in total, and may also have to find replacements if their games clash with their slots. There are many slots still to be filled - we need your commitment please! The success of the kitchen relies on every member's willingness to help. For any new members who would like to help out but feel they wouldn't know what to do, the person you are taking over from will explain whatever is needed and you will also most likely be on duty with an experienced member. And your help would be most welcome.
Regarding the supply of homemade food for the kitchen, we have had to put up a new sheet where you put your name under cake/salad/soup/bread on a specific day. Apologies for the change but it actually makes no difference to you - anyone who had already put their name down has been contacted and their name is now on the new sheet on the agreed day. Again, we need your commitment and support for this please. You can contact any member of the Kitchen Committee if you are not in the club over the next few days but would like to make something, and we will write your name on the list.
The soup is a new item on the menu, so we are going to see how it goes on the first three days, and depending on it's success, we may look for more people to make soup during the week.
Finally, to those of you with a tubber-ware addiction.......... Last year the kitchen committee bought 10-12 plastic food storage boxes to reduce the use of clingfilm (one of the Green Team's admirable efforts), but during the kitchen clear out recently, we discovered that all except one of those boxes had disappeared. We went and bought more, and already several of those have also disappeared! If you simply have to borrow one from the kitchen, please return it asap, but ideally, items should not be removed from the kitchen at all (except tea-towels to be washed - this special privilege is available to everyone!)
 Thank you for your ongoing support.
 The Kitchen Committee
(Aoife, Mary M, Tom, Kasha, Sylvia)

Regional Spring Leagues

If anyone is interested in playing on a Club team for the Regional Spring League please send your name, grade and mobile number to The competition starts in early April. This year we will allow pairings to enter for selection.

Teams will consist of 3 mixed pairings.  The A league has teams made up of grades 1, 2 and 3 pairings, the B league teams have players from grades 4. 5 and 6.  The round robin stages usually have 3 matches, with winners and runners up progressing to knock out stages.  Matches are usually played on a Friday night.

Entries need to be in before Friday February 21st at 6pm. The Captain will respond to every entry to confirm receipt

Criteria for team selection

Trials in February (Friday 7th and 21st at 7.30) – Optional

Spring Open performance

Internal Spring League performance

Coach input

Selection Committee player/partnership knowledge

Club Cleanup - Saturday 1st February 2020

Ger O’Sullivan and his Helpers did a great job on a beautiful Sunny morning.

Thank you to all the Members who came down to help with the Cleanup.