Annual General Meeting 2023

The Annual General Meeting of Carrigaline Tennis Club will take place on Monday 27th November in the Carrigaline Court Hotel at 8pm.  The committee requests that as many members as possible would attend. This is the forum to put forward any ideas or voice any opinions that you may have relating to your club.
There is a link to Documents relating to the meeting under the main menu of this website. Members are requested to read these documents before attending the meeting.
Access details will be emailed to each member.

Kitchen - Astra Summer Open Tournament 2023

Thanks to the Kitchen Committee for all the hard work they have done to date.
As usual every year the success of the open falls on a lot of members. A lot of work goes into the running of this event and the tournament committee, kitchen committee, green committee for example undertake a lot of work behind the scenes but with out the help of the club members that help in the running of the kitchen it wouldn’t make the event as good as it is.
We appreciate very much all the help and time members provide volunteering in the kitchen and this year we have tried to make it a bit easier for everyone.
Menu has been simplified to just toasted sandwiches during the weekdays, First weekend we have a catering truck on site so only cakes, sweets, soft drinks, and alcohol will be on sale in the kitchen.
Semi final nights we have a BBQ on both nights also so no food being served in the kitchen either of these nights also. 

As per every year you can register on the SignUp App and pick suitable times slots that you can volunteer for and what days you can provide baked goods, cakes, and salads.
Register & Sign Up Here
Alternatively, if you are not inclined to use the app you can Text Gina Molloy  and let her know what availability you have, and she will in turn allocate you a slot.
Everyone’s help is very much appreciated so thanks in advance.

Green Team

In February the Green Team had a Brainstorming Meeting with club members to plan for 2023.  
The main areas of focus for 2023 were:
· Reduce Energy Use
· Waste Reduction
· Biodiversity
· Green House Keeping

Notice to Members - Court Availability and Court Rules

As we are now getting into the Winter League Season (Junior and Senior) the courts are beginning to get busy again. Here is a quick reminder on some important club rules:
3-hour peak period
All members can only play 3 hours during the peak hours of 6-9pm Monday to Thursday. This has been observed very well by all members and is very much appreciated. We are looking into ways that we can somehow make peak courts not booked within a reasonable timeframe (such as the 9pm slots) available to those who might have played 3 times and who might wish to avail.
All names are required on the E-booking system. We ask that those playing doubles to try to have all names on the booking 24 hours in advance of playing.
Cancelling Courts
A quick reminder to try to cancel any courts not needed as quickly as possible so that others may avail of that court in good time.
For weekend Court Hours, Peak & Off Peak - please ensure you are familiar with the rules available HERE 

Club Cleanup