Court Booking

An online Court Booking System is in operation for booking courts at Carrigaline Tennis Club.

Junior Membership must be up to date to allow Court Bookings. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions all players must be named on the Booking Sheet and so must be a current paid up member of Carrigaline Tennis Club. 

Junior Members must have a parent’s email address associated with their Membership Account in order to allow them to book a Court in their name.

Please Note - When a new Member joins the Club and pays their Membership via easy payments plus it can take up to 48 hours for their details to be uploaded to the e-booking system.

Details on Setting up your eBookingOnline Account and Booking a Court on the eBookingOnline Court Booking System are detailed in the Documents at the end of this section. 
Following the Procedure for Setting Up Account Details on eBookingOnline allows a Member to retrieve their Membership Number, if they don’t already have one.  The Membership Number will then be their User ID on the eBookingOnline System.

Junior Court Booking Update

Junior members attending Secondary school can now book a Court to play on after 6pm on a Weekday. A Court can be booked online through the eBookingOnline system.  
Courts can be booked by Juniors from 8pm on a Sunday evening for the following weekday evenings.
Available Courts are shown in RED with Off Peak Click to Book on them.  
Booked Courts are shown in GREEN and list the Members using them.
If you wish to play, Click on the RED and enter Player Names.

Book a Court

Club House Access

Access to the Club House and Car Park is controlled by Key Fob for security reasons. Adults who have Juniors in the Club and need to gain access to the Club can now apply for a Fob. An Application Form is available to Download below.  A €10 charge for the Fob applies and you must consent to supervise your children while they are playing on the Court. Juniors can also only arrange games with other Junior Members. If Junior Members are left unsupervised in the Club, then the Club retains the right to ask for the Fob back as the safety of the children cannot be guaranteed by the Club in this scenario.

For court bookings, any person can check the ebooking website to check court availability - you do not have to log in - see screen shot below to give you an idea of what you would see: