Membership Renewal 2024 - 2025

Entry fobs will stop working shortly for people who haven't renewed their membership. We have a waiting list for new members so we will presume if you have not paid or been in contact with our membership secretary that you will not be rejoining. We will be offering those places to new members.Please make sure that the correct dates of birth are present for all members on easypaymentsplus, the Club uses this data when applying for grants for the Club.  Juniors are counted as under 12 on March 31st 2024. Juveniles are over 12 and under 18 on March 31st 2024. 
Students in full time education are included in family memberships once they are under 23 on March 31st 2024. 
Vets are over 65 on March 31st 2024.
If renewing your membership is proving difficult, please contact Maria at
Any queries will be dealt with in strictest confidence. 

Membership Renewal  2023 - 2024

Membership Fees for the 2023-2024 Season are now due - easy payments plus is open to Members to pay their Membership Fees for 2023/2024

Procedure for Renewal with easy payments plus
Login to
Under Renewal Membership or Junior/Juvenile Membership you will see each Membership Category.
Please select your relevant membership type.
Each membership type will detail the current year cost and the Capitation Fee that is charged to the Club for each Member by Munster Tennis.

If you have mislayed your Login email please do not create a new account,  email and you will be forwarded your login details.
If you need to change any of your details on your Easypayments Account, for example your email address or contact number, you can do so once you Login. 
On the Menu Bar, Select the drop down arrow and Click My Account
Under Logon Details you can change your email address
Under List of Names - you can add another person to your membership by selecting add new name.
Under Address Details – you can change your home address and contact number.

It is recommended that you use a PC or Laptop to login as some mobile devices won't work correctly on the easypaymentsplus website
If there are any issues with paying your fee please  email

easy payments plus

As the Club has grown the security risk around having cash in the Club has increased hence an Electronic Payment System was introduced.

Adult Members can now pay for Social Events.  Club Gear and Fobs can be purchased and Membership can be renewed.
Juniors can pay for Membership and Coaching.
Click on the ‘easy payments plus ‘ button below to activate your account.
All membership will now be paid using this system.