Please Note - Winter League is deferred but Teams are announced.

2020 Winter League Teams

Below are the Club Teams for Phase 1 of this year’s Munster's Winter League, selected by the 2020 Selection Committee.  

A huge thank you to everyone who entered and for those who could make the Trials. Some really hard decisions especially with the Singles element. We hope that the League gets to kick off soon and that Phase 2 of Winter League gives us a chance to pick more teams to represent the Club.

Grade 3 - Jack, Andrew, Kasha(Captain) and Siobhan
Grade 4 - Mark, Raphael (Captain), Paula and Mary-Anne
Grade 4 - Tim, Jordan, Louise and Cheryl (Captain)
Grade 5 - Verona, Alison, Dermot and Dave (Captain even though he doesn't know it yet)
Grade 5 - Janet (Captain), Sylvia ,Tom and Mariusz
Grade 6 - Amy, Niamh, Dec and Ken (Captain)