Summer Cup - Results

Mixed results yesterday. Hard luck to Sylvia’s Grade 5 Ladies team who went down 3-1 to Larkspur. Some very close 3 setters didn’t go their way. 
Well done to Ken’s Grade 6 Mixed who had a fab win against Garryduff and are through to the semi-finals. 
Next Sunday our Grade 3's play Rushbrooke away. Good luck to Siobhan, Fiona, Donal and Andrew

Winners - Fiona, Fionnuala, Kasia and Siobhan

Summer Cup 2020 - Winners

Sunday 27th June 2021 was a very special day in Limerick for Carrigaline Tennis Club. Not only did we win the Summer Cup Grade 3 Ladies for the first time, but we also had 2 teams in the same final. It was such a shame so many of us who would have traveled were unable to witness the occasion.
The Club is very proud of both teams who played their hearts out from last June to the Final yesterday. Nothing could separate them in the end, and it was decided on a tie break in the super-doubles.
Unfortunately, there had to be a loser. But well done to Lisa, Maria, Shannon and Susan. And congrats to the Winners Fiona, Siobhan, Kasha and Fionnuala.

Runners-Up - Susan, Maria, Shannon and Lisa

Summer Cup 2020 - Runners-Up

Well Done Girls!

2020 Summer Cup Finals

Munster Tennis have rescheduled the 2020 Summer Cup Finals for the weekend of 26th and 27th of June 2021. Carrigaline Tennis Club has two Teams taking part in the Finals on the 27th June in Catholic Institute Limerick. Unfortunately, the Teams are up against each other. Still, it's great to have two representatives. Best of luck to both Teams. The Purple Team - Fiona G, Siobhan D, Kasia G and Fionnuala O’D.  And the Yellow Team - Susan W, Shannon R, Lisa R and Maria O’R.
No word on whether spectators will be allowed to attend.

Munster Summer Cup 2021

Munster Tennis has announced the launch of the Munster Summer Cup 2021. The competitions in each grade are as follows:
  • Grade 1 - Mixed, Ladies and Mens teams
  • Grade 2 - Mixed, Ladies and Mens teams
  • Grade 3 - Mixed, Ladies and Mens teams
  • Grade 4 - Mixed, Ladies and Mens teams
  • Grade 5 - Mixed, Ladies and Mens teams
  • Grade 6 - Mixed, Ladies and Mens teams
If you would like to be considered for selection and represent Carrigaline Tennis Club, please email your name and grade to 
Closing date is Friday 25th June at 8pm. You will receive a confirmation email back confirming your entry.
The competition is a knockout format involving Clubs from Munster so you must be willing to travel if drawn away from home.

Summer Cup 2020

The Summer Cup Teams for 2020 are picked. 

Well done those who made it. It was tough choice as always.

Ladies 3 – Lisa, Maria, Shannon and Susan (Captain)
Ladies 3 – Fionnuala, Kasha, Siobhan and Fiona (Captain)
Mens 4 – Dara, Raphael, Mark and Don (Captain)
Mens 4 – Noel, Colin, Karl and Donal (Captain)
Ladies 4 - Kate, Paula, Sharon and Louise (Captain)
Mixed 5 – Alison, Ronan, Sylvia and Dermot (Captain)
Mens 6 – Kaare, Mariusz, Ger and Dec (Captain)

Summer Cup - Results

Well done to both our Grade 3 ladies teams who have made it to the Semi-Finals which take place on 27th September 2020. The Purple Team (led by Fiona) did it the hard way in Super Doubles. The Yellow Team (led by Susan) had some tough games but came through also. Fantastic achievement by both. Commiserations to the Men's Teams who came up against some seriously good opposition.