Returning to Tennis - Important Information for Members

On this page you will find all the latest updates and protocols that Members will have to adhere to in order to provide a safe environment for all. The page will be updated regularly with the latest updates issued by the Covid-19 Committee. Find out below how far is '5km from Home'.

Update - Sunday 17th May 2020

The Club appreciates that you will have received a lot of information in the past two weeks regarding returning to play. While it is unfortunate that everyone cannot return to play tomorrow we are hopeful that restrictions will ease in the coming weeks. For those who can return to play, we have compiled a short guide covering; 

  • What to do before leaving home
  • Where to park when you get to the club
  • Going on court
  • Playing safely
  • Getting home safely 

The Covid 19 committee and main committee will be on hand during the first week to assist players in understanding the current guidelines.

Please contact the Covid-19 committee if you have any questions.

Eddie Pierce, Alan Kelly. Maria Marrinan. Ken Murphy. Ger O’Sullivan, Noel Ronayne

Before Leaving Home

1.       Ensure that your booking has your name and the name of your opponent (very important for contact tracing)

2.       Ensure you have 3 marked balls which can be easily identified (see Tennis Ireland recommendations on tennis balls below)

3.       Check which court you’re playing on. You need to park close to the court. See map below

4.       Bring water with you. Taps are turned off at the club

5.       It is strongly recommended that you bring your own hand sanitizer.

6.       Go to the bathroom if needed! No access to clubhouse

7.       Follow Tennis Ireland Stay at home policies

When You Arrive At The Club

1.       Park in the designated parking area for your court (see attached parking layout. Look out for signs when you get there)

2.       Wait at your car until others leave

3.       When the court has been vacated, sanitize your hands

4.       Enter court using your racket to open and close the gate.

5.       Do not drop your bag close to your opponents

On the Court - Playing

1.       Physical distancing should be observed throughout the period of play, particularly on change of ends and entering and exiting the court

2.       Players must refrain from handshakes and high fives or other contact 

3.       Each player brings their own marked balls and only serves with these. 

4.       Players should use their racquet / foot to pick up balls and hit them to their opponent or adjacent court and should avoid using their hands to pick up the balls. 

5.       Players should remain apart from other players when taking a break. 

6.       Leave you court on time and avoid contact with oncoming players. 

Clubhouse is out of bounds but First aid kit is available inside the main door for EMERGENCIES ONLY

Getting Home Safely

1.       Once play has finished players should leave the premises promptly, sanitising their hands on the way out using a courtside dispenser.

2.       If a player becomes unwell after playing, they should first contact their GP/HSE and then inform their club.

Update To Return To Play Guidance For Over 70's

See latest Update from Tennis Ireland. Over 70s now allowed to play!

Links to Tennis Ireland Updates & Guide for Players

Tennis Ireland Covid-19 Updates
Tennis Ireland - Covid-19 Guidance for Tennis Players during Phase 1 of the Roadmap for Reopening Society

Tennis Ireland recommendation for Tennis Balls

Practice caution with the Tennis Balls

  • Although there is no specific evidence that tennis balls can spread COVID-19, we know that contamination from respiratory droplets from an infected person can potentially survive on hard surfaces for up to three days.
  • Replace balls if someone suspected of having COVID 19 comes in contact with them
  • Consider spraying balls with a disinfectant spray at the conclusion of play. Using new balls on a very regular basis is highly encouraged

eMail # 1

Please read the attached email #1 from the Covid-19 Committee

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