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Carrigaline Tennis Club was founded following a General Meeting on 25th March 1985. The first committee was elected on the 1st April 1985 during a meeting in Cogans Lounge Carrigaline. The attendees elected the following committee members:

Chairperson Ronald Sisk, Secretary Eileen Moore, Treasurer Kay Woods

Committee:  Marie Kenneally, John Collins, Imelda McCarthy, Michelle Leahy (Junior), Roisin Kinnane (Junior).


Carrigaline Community School had recently been built and it had three tennis courts that were not being utilised during the Summer months. The school was willing to let Carrigaline Tennis Club use these courts during the holiday period (June to September). Public Liability insurance with Norwich Union was put in place on 6th May 1985 to provide insurance cover for members of the club while playing at Carrigaline Community School.

On the 8th May 1985 a letter was written by the Club secretary requesting affiliation to the Irish Lawn Tennis Association (ITLA), later to be renamed Tennis Ireland. The Munster Council of the ITLA confirmed Carrigaline Tennis Club’s affiliation on 26th May 1985. Affiliation with the ITLA meant that teams could be entered in inter-club competitions.


A weekly American tournament commenced  on the 13th June 1985 at 7pm for adult Senior members. There were prizes for the winner and runner-up. A Junior American Tournament began for the Juniors on Saturday 15th June 1985 at 10:30am. A ‘Ladies Morning’ was organised every Wednesday at 10:00am.

Mary Kennedy and Declan Bray organised Coaching sessions for Members.


Carrigaline Tennis Club hired the above courts for a fee of £100 per season from Carrigaline Community School during the years 1985 to 1988. Membership was limited to 200 due to the capacity constraints of the three courts at the school.

Even in 1985, the club was looking at future options to obtain year round facilities in order to meet the growing interest of tennis in Carrigaline. There was an interest in constructing courts on land that the Tennis Club would purchase. However available flat land options were limited.

A few options were first explored during the summer of 1985. The club looked at a site that was available at reasonable price, £8,000 to £9,000, per half acre, close to E.M.T. on the Crosshaven road.  The club also looked at Community Association grounds and land available behind Beaver Lodge/AIB. Other options considered included land behind the old Co-op which was unavailable as L&N Supermarkets had offered a very substantial sum of money to buy it.  In addition to viewing private sites, the club also entered into discussions with Carrigaline GAA with a view to using their existing courts.  The club also contacted Cork County Council to get help in obtaining a site so that courts could  be developed.

The committee was expanded in order to address the workload involved with development activities. The following members were co-opted: John McGee, Aidan Wims, Richard Curran,Carmel Downey and Edward Drennan


The first Club Tournament was run during August 1985. It was a knock out competition comprising  the following events:

Mens Singles - best of 3 sets

Ladies Singles - best of 3 sets

Girls (12 to 16 years) Singles

Boys (12 to 16 years) Singles

Girls (8 to 12 years) Singles – best of 5 matches

Boys (8 to 12 years) Singles – best of 5 matches

Notices for the Tournament were posted at several premises around the 'Village'. It was up to the players  involved to contact their opponents and arrange their matches.

The winners of the Inaugural Club Championships were:

Mens Singles - Winner:  Ricky O'Regan.  Runner-up Gordan Birch

Ladies Singles - Winner:  Marie Kenneally.  Runner-up Mary Rea

Girls (12 to 16 years) Singles. Winner:  Caroline Morrissey. Runner-up:  Kay Murphy

Boys (12 to 16 years) Singles - Winner  John Slyne.  Runner up:  John Lamb

Girls (8 to 12 years) Singles. Winner Kim Walley. Runner-up Sarah Jane Moore

Boys (8 to 12 years) Singles. Winner Donal Crowley.  Runner-up  Colin Gibson


The club’s first Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 28th April 1986. The newly elected Chairperson, Eddie Drennan, touched on some of the highlights that the nascent club had achieved. Development options were outlined, and it was estimated that building three courts would cost in the region of £20,000 to £22,500 and the cost of the land would be in the region of £20,000. Total membership in first year was twenty-nine Family Members, twenty-one Single Members and sixty-four Junior Members.  The Family Membership rate was set at £30 for a family, £20 for Single Membership and £3 for Juniors.


At the Club’s first Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which was held on 3rd November 1986 at the Community Complex Hall, the membership of the club agreed to purchase land to build new courts. Two strands were pursued regarding the purchase of land.

Negotiation were underway with a private concern for the purchase of ground in Kilnagleary. A booking deposit of £500 was paid, but this option ran into title issues and ultimately the deal fell through and the deposit was returned.

Cork County Council identified a two acre site close to Mount Rivers on the Crosshaven road. In June 1987, the club agreed to accept Cork County Council’s offer price of £8,000 for the 2 acres. It was hoped that the development would commence towards the end of the summer or the beginning of the autumn of that year. Ultimately this deal fell through.


During 1987, the club entered its first Inter-Club competition. In the Summer Cup Carrigaline were drawn against Sundays Well who won the match.

In August 1987 a preliminary meeting was held with the GAA where the leasing of ground was discussed. On-going discussions culminated in an agreement to lease the two existing Tennis Courts which were in disrepair and in need of resurfacing and further ground for two extra courts and a 'Green Space'. The term of the lease was 15 years with an option for a further 15 years subject to interim reviews. All members of the Tennis Club were to become Pavilion Members of Carrigaline GAA and pay GAA pavilion fees. A 'Disputes Committee' was also formed which comprised two Officers of each club. Thankfully, this committee never needed to be activated as there were very good relations and goodwill between the Tennis Club and GAA.

The committee discussed options for the successful operation of the club. There was a suggestion of forming a Limited Company to manage the Club. However, during the lease negotiation with the GAA, the GAA stipulated that the lease would be to a Club and not a Limited Company. Therefore, Carrigaline Tennis Club was set up and run as a Club with all assets put under the control of six trustees.

The trustees were Catherine Mulhare, Aidan Wims, Sean Curtin, Bernard Wally, Barry Downey and John Collins.

Once the 15 year lease was signed with the GAA, the club set out an ambitious development plan to develop the facilities necessary to support the needs of a new club capable of catering for the burgeoning population of Carrigaline.

This development Plan comprised a number of phases.

Phase 1                Four courts in 1988

Phase 2                Lighting of 2 courts in 1990

Phase 3                Provision of Practice Wall & New Club-house in 1991/1992

Phase 4                Lighting of courts 1 & 2 and the resurfacing of all courts 1993/1995

Phase 5                Fifth court in 1995/1996

Phase 1 costed £31,000. This included the resurfacing of the two original tarmac courts, the addition of two new tarmac courts by John A.Woods and the purchase of a 'Portacabin' for use as a Clubhouse. The total amount of money borrowed for this development was £25,000. £10,000 was provided by a bank overdraft facility and the remaining £15,000 from a five year term loan that was guaranteed by the following members,  Aidan Wims, Sean Curtin, Bernard Wally, Barry Downey, John Collins, Donal Hurley and Pat Walsh.

In addition a major fund raising drive was initiated to start paying for these new facilities. Subscriptions were raised to £65 for a Family, £40 for an Senior individual, £20 for a Juvenile and £10 for a Junior. An Amenity Grant from Cork County Council was received as well as sponsorship from local businesses.  In total £8,000 was raised through fundraising activities from 1986 to 1988 through a combination of Draws, Cake Sales, Table Quizzes, Video Horse Racing, Dances, Tournaments and Membership Subscriptions.  In November 1987 Barry Downey suggested a Turkey Tournament which became a regular part of the Clubs Tournament Calendar.


Phase 1 was completed by the Summer of 1988. A new confidence and excitement was starting to develop within the Club. Teams were entered in the Summer Cup, Sno Cup (u14’s) and Junior Cup (u18’s) Competitions. A club coach, Pat Coleman, was appointed. With the expanded facilities, club members began to canvass the housing estates of Carrigaline to raise awareness of the growing club and solicit new membership.

At the AGM on the 20th July 1988 the Club Constitution was formally adopted. The Constitution outlines that the club is run on behalf of its members by a committee of between 7 and 12 persons elected at the AGM. The main committee is supported by numerous sub-committees that are formed on an as-needed basis to take care of club activities. In addition, the Juniors can form their own committee.


A Perpetual Trophy was purchased for the Mixed Doubles Event in the Club Championships.  

The club was active in inter-club friendly matches with neighbouring clubs Rushbrooke, Fountainstown and Irish Steel.

The first 'Hot Toddy' tournament was run in 1988 and remained on the Tournament Calendar for many years. This Tournament ceased for a number of years and was revived in December 2016.


In January 1989 the Club entered a team in the Winter League.

Membership had risen to one hundred and thirty-five families, thirty-five individuals and more than one hundred and fifty Juniors/Juveniles.

The Club has always focused attention on its Junior section and again this year teams were entered in the Sno Cup, Maher Cup and Sunshine Cup. In addition Short Tennis was initiated to cater for the 5-10 year olds.

New Fundraising events were planned - a Sponsored Parachute Jump/Treasure Hunt, Fashion Show, Golf Outing, junior Tennis Marathon, Valentines Night Dance, Ground Development Fund tickets (£1 each with £650 in prizes), cake sale and Attic Auction.

On June 18th 1989, the Official Opening of the four new courts was marked by an Open competition for clubs in the Cork Area. An invitational tournament, which became known as the “Rosies Trophy”, was held on the Official Opening Day.  A Carrigaline team were beaten in the final by Highfield Tennis Club. The team was Barry Downey, Pat Dunne, Sarah Cronin and Marie Kenneally.

A members only tournament sponsored by Cogans TV/Electrical was run in conjunction with the local Carrigaline Festival on 29th June 1989.  Helen O'Connor was the individual winner with Norma O'Sullivan as runner up. Team winners were Stephen McCarthy, Norma O'Sullivan, Aileen O'Gorman and Moninne Collins.

question on this group cogans.jpg

Judith Meade, Mairead Ni Bheara, Jeremy Glennon, Roma Cahill, P White, M Hemlock, Miriam Ginn, Lorraine Kiernan, J Cronin, Marian Hennessy, Linda Cullen, Joan Sammon, Helen O’Connor (Winner), Mary Courtney, Des Meade, Norma O’Sullivan, Aileen O’Gorman, Bevan Craig, Valerie Dunne, Rose Barry, Cathy O’Donovan, J Claffey, Carmel Downey, Moninne Collins, Anne McCarthy, Mary Walsh, P O’Donovan, Mary Craig, Tim Marnane, Owen O’Keeffe, Pat Dunne, Stephen McCarthy, Mark Cunningham, Joe Sammon, Louis Plunkett, Barry Downey, Noel Brennan, Helen Walsh, Mary Ryan, Jimmy Cullen, John Collins.

summer cup runnersup 1989.jpg

1989 Summer Cup Team - Deirdre Cremin, Mary Walsh, Mary Rea, Brian Walsh, Brendan O'Keeffe, Frank Brennan

The Club qualified for its first Summer Cup Final in 1989 but were beaten by Mitchelstown. Team members were Brian Walsh, Brendan O'Keeffe, Frank Brennan, Deirdre Cremin, Mary Walsh and Mary Rea.

The Veterans tournament commenced in 1989 and was sponsored by Carrigaline Jewellers.

Tennis Talk was first issued in 1987 and edited by Catherine Mulhare . The Newsletter was initially a typed A4 sheet with all the current news from the Club. Tennis Talk evolved over the years to become a very professional publication edited by Tony Perrott and subsequently by Myriam Cotter.

oldest tennistalk.jpg

 A copy of one of the earliest Tennis Talks

first dtp tennis talk.jpg

First electronic Tennis Talk (Issue 1 Volume 1) - Collectors edition!

By early 1990, a waiting list for new members existed. At the AGM on 12th March 1990, the chairperson indicated that there was room for one additional court at the GAA location, but there could be issues with the sewer.

Planning permission was sought and granted to add Floodlights to courts three and four. This work was completed by C.G. Services. A £12,000 overdraft facility was negotiated to cover the cost of Phase 2 of the development plan.  The addition of Floodlights extended the hours that the courts could be used by club members.

With the increased membership, additional teams were entered in inter-club competitions. Three teams were entered in the Summer Cup from a panel of seventeen men and seventeen ladies.  A team was also entered in the Nationalist Cup and in June a team travelled to Rushbrooke for the Community Games Cork Area Final.

rosies cup winners 1990.jpg

Winners of the 1990 ‘Rosies Trophy’ - Barry Downey, Marie Kenneally, Deirdre Cremin and Pat Dunne.

In June 1990, Carrigaline won the “Rosies Trophy”. This was contested by Fountainstown, Monkstown, Kinsale, Ballinlough, Irish Steel and two teams from Carrigaline. The final was contested by the two Carrigaline teams. The winning team consisted of: Marie Kenneally, Deirdre Cremin, Pat Dunne and Barry Downey. The runners-up were: Sarah Cronin, Norma O'Sullivan, Sean Curtin and Brendan Cotter.

runners up rosies trophy 1990.jpg

Rosies Trophy 1990 Runners-up - Brendan Cotter, Sarah Cronin, Norma O'Sullivan and Sean Curtin

Carrigaline played Irish Steel on Saturday 18th August 1990. Carrigaline won and received the new 'Harbour Cup’ with the 'Irish Steel Trophy’ going to the runners-up. Moninne Collins accepted the trophy on behalf of Carrigaline.

An American Tea Party took place in June in conjunction with the GAA and a BBQ was held in August.  Club night was on Wednesday evening during the Summer and Sunday Afternoons during the Winter.

On the Juvenile/Junior front over seventy Juniors, age from four years to eleven years, were taking part in “Short Tennis”. Four Juniors were selected  by Munster Council for additional coaching. David Hickey and Susan Harte-Barry were selected for the u12 Munster Panel, while Yvonne Sheehan, Erica Dunne and Mike Barrett were selected for Regional Coaching.

The first Juvenile Open Tournament (look for an image) took place in August 1990. The u16’s competed in the Sunshine Cup but lost in second round to Douglas.

Emmett Scanlon was chosen as the first “Juvenile Club Person of the Year” and was presented with a Perpetual Plaque by Tom and Joy Murphy Trophies.

The Juniors ran a fundraising Marathon with sponsorship from local Boutique owners ‘Ippon’.


The winning team pictured with sponsors Pauline & Owen O’Keeffe of IPPON, Brian Walsh Junior Co-ordinator and Sean Curtin Club Chairperson


Juvenile Tennis Marathon 1990 winning team -  sponsored by Local Business ‘Ippon’

Winning team were: Niamh Hurley, David Hickey, Nicki O’Connor, Peter Crowley, Emmet Scanlon (Captain), Claire Barry, Sarah Casey, Ciara Morrin and Shane Murphy.


Participants in the Juvenile Tennis Marathon 1990

In the funding area, the club was successful in getting £5,000 from National Lottery funds and Cork County Council allocated the club a £1,000 Amenity Grant. Other fundraising activities included a Yearly Planner (space for 35 advertisements), a Race Night, a Fashion Show, a Treasure Hunt, a Tennis Junior Marathon and an Auction.

During 1990, the club discussed the possibility of a permanent structure for a clubhouse and the GAA did not have any issue in principle with this.

Phase 3 of the development plan was initiated in 1991. This phase of development covered the addition of a Practice Court and a new Clubhouse with shower facilities. The lease with the GAA needed to be amended to allow for the required space for the practice court. The lease was agreed with the GAA with the additional land being pro rata with the original lease amount/area.  These facilities were needed for a club that now had a membership of one hundred and fifty-eight families, thirty-seven adults and one hundred and three Juvenile members.

By 1991, the court surfaces had become noticeably slippy during wet play. Further investigation indicated that this was due to the type of tarmac used. The tarmac was roughly 90% limestone which has a self-polishing effect. Several solutions to improve the court grip were investigated and in early 1992 a section of Court 1 was painted with anti-slip transparent paint. After a brief trial period all courts were painted with this paint at a cost of £2,600 + Vat, to paint and power hose the courts. The painting of the courts was not a success as competitors were forced to wear socks over their shoes during the 1992 club championships.

sean and Brendan1 1992.JPG

Note the socks over Tennis Shoes

The Ginn Family sponsored a new tournament in 1991 called the 'Husbands and Wives Tournament'. The inaugural tournament was won by Pat and Val Dunne.


Pictured at a presentation to David Hickey, in recognition of his selection on the Munster U-12 Team. Brian Walsh, Juvenile Co-ordinator, Sheila O’Driscoll, Munster Branch Tennis Ireland, David Hickey, Bernard Walley, Chairman Carrigaline Tennis Club, Betty Hickey and Ron Sisk, Club Captain.

Highlights for 1991 include David Hickey being picked for the Munster u12 Team to take part in a ranking tournament in Sligo. Carrigaline retained the ‘Harbour Cup’ against Irish Steel. Ron Sisk was elected to the Munster Council for the South West Area. The committee voted to make meetings non-smoking!

The ‘Rosies Trophy’ was won by Rushbrooke. Carrigaline participated in the Coastal League, an Interclub Round Robin, which was won by Kinsale Tennis Club.

Junior Members from the Club contested the 1991 U12 Munster Squads.


Junior Members from Carrigaline Tennis Club who were in contention for the 1991 U12 Munster Squads, pictured above with Club Coach Joe Kavanagh and Junior Organiser Brian Walsh. David Hickey, Erica Dunne, Gill Downey, Susan Harte-Barry, Yvonne Sheehan and Mike Barrett

During 1991, the practice wall and fencing around it was erected and planning permission was obtained for a temporary Clubhouse.

On 16th June 1991, fourteen members set off from the Tennis club on a 15 mile sponsored walk to Crosshaven and remarkably all made it back to the Tennis club.  This was one of many fundraiser to raise money for the new clubhouse and changing facilities. Other fundraising included a Race Night, packing bags at the supermarket, Christmas Draw, table quiz and cake sale along with the many competitions that were generously sponsored by local businesses.  During 1991, the club switched to using Tretorn as its official ball for competitions.

The new Clubhouse from SPACECAB arrived on November 20th 1991 at a total cost of £22,200.


KIF_0351Clubhouse from Front.JPG


The official opening of the new Clubhouse facilities was on 26th April 1992. A brass plaque to commemorate the official opening was donated by Joy Murphy. Elaine Bermingham, President of the Munster Branch of Tennis Ireland attended the official opening.


Seated left to right, Catherine Mulhare, Myriam Cotter, Bernard Walley, Elaine Bermingham, President Munster Branch of Tennis Ireland, ??? ask Ron,  Ron Sisk. Standing, Pat Dunne, Anne McCarthy, Tony Perrott, Marie Kenneally, Brian Walsh, Eddie Pierce and Bev Craig

Club finances were tight given the outlays for improved facilities. Popular innovative ideas like 'Buy-a-Slab' were useful in helping to financing the patio area in front of the Clubhouse. Additional fundraising included a Cake Sale, Table Quizzes, Bag Packing at Dunnes Stores, Christmas Dinner and a Draw.

The first series of Tennis Camps were held by Joe Kavanagh in 1992. The Carrigaline Juniors won Bronze at the Community Games. Yvonne Sheehan was chosen to play for the Irish Junior Coach, Matt Doyle. Garrett  Hickey was selected for the u12 Munster Regional Squad.

Again Membership was closed with a waiting list in place to join the club with one hundred and fifty nine Families, thirty-five Adults/Senior and one hundred and four Juveniles members.

At the AGM which was held on 19th October 1992 several issues were discussed including

slippy courts when wet, Courts ageing rapidly (breaking up). Remedial Treatment with an anti-slip coating did not work. A working group was established to look into these issues. This group would report their findings during 1993.


By April 1993, the club had paid off its overdraft. The working group reported that the cost of moving and developing a totally new facility would cost in the region of £150,000. The group suggested that fifteen percent of membership income be lodged in an investment account as a development fund in the event that the lease with the GAA might not be renewed going forward. The cost and on-going maintenance of installing ‘Savannah’ Artificial Grass Courts was considered too expensive at between £90,000 to £95,000. The cost of Omni-court was also considered too expensive at £68,000. A quotation for coloured tarmac, and providing lighting for courts one and two, erecting a canopy and landscaping was estimated to cost roughly £41,000.  At an EGM on 29th September 1993, club members agree to go ahead with the redevelopment of existing courts with coloured tarmac and lights on courts one and two. This was to be financed with a £30,000 loan and £11,000 from club funds. The loan was signed for by the trustees and was fixed for three years with an option to have the remaining two fixed. Clive Robinson was given the contract to lay a 'sandstone' coloured tarmac surface, and CG Services to erect the lights.

A new Junior League was set up by Carrigaline Tennis Club and sponsorship was agreed with Tedcastles through their local representative Kevin Carroll.


Stephanie ________ presenting sponsorship for the Carroll Cup to Myriam Cotter, Vice-Chairperson Carrigaline Tennis Club, in the presence of Junior Co-Ordinator Brian Walsh and Club Coach Joe Kavanagh

A perpetual trophy, called the ‘Carroll Cup’ was presented to the winners. This was subsequently named the Casey Cup and then the Wilson Cup. The Juvenile Coastal League included teams from Crosshaven, Kinsale, Silversprings, Lower Aghada, Monkstown, Fountainstown and Carrigaline. Each team consisted of four boys and four girls - two boys and two girls under fourteen years playing SNO Cup rules, and the others all under twelve years playing according to MAHER CUP rules. This tournament filled a gap in the Junior calendar over the Winter months. Lower Aghada won the inaugural event.

Carrigaline won the ‘Harbour Cup’ against Irish Steel and Rushbrooke won the ‘Rosies Cup’ for the third year in a row.

1993 saw the start of the Club Open Doubles Tournaments. This was the ‘B’ Tournament previously run by Garryduff Sports Centre.  During this tournament club organisers used 'Walkie Talkies' for the first time to ensure that the event ran smoothly. Kay Staunton, President of Munster Branch of Tennis Ireland, was a visitor during the Club Open and was impressed at how the Tournament was being run and the high standard of catering for the players. The Vice President of the Munster Branch, Maria O'Sullivan, attended the prize giving ceremony.

Susan Hurley won the Girls u18’s title at Douglas Tennis Club. This was the first Junior title victory for Carrigaline Tennis Club.


Early in 1994 planning permission was received for lights on courts one and two. The courts had been resurfaced in October 1993 and the lights were upgraded during Spring 1994.

Carrigaline won the 1994 ‘’Shandon Crystal’ Coastal League. This was the first time Carrigaline had won this trophy. The winning team was Catherine Mulhare (Captain), Ollie Power, Aidan Wims, John Collins, Rose Barry and Jocelyn Pierce. They beat Fountainstown by one point 24-23.


coastal league question.jpg

On Left, Ollie Power. Fourth from left Catherine Mulhare. Sixth from left Jocelyn Pierce. Eight from Left John Collins, Rose Barry and Aidan Wims

Meanwhile Rushbrooke won the Rosies Cup again for their fourth consecutive time.

Club Night was changed from Sunday to Thursday. Fundraising events continued and included Cake Sales, Bag Packing at Supermarkets and a 'World Cup Event' (£5 entry to watch match and supper).

The Club Tournament calendar had also become very busy with the following events now fixed in the annual diary, Turkey Tournament, Tennis Village Outings at Christmas and Easter, Mark Ginn & Associates ‘Husbands & Wives’ Tournament, ‘Harbour Cup’, ‘Cogans Blitz’, 'Who’s that Baby' extravaganza during the Spring, ‘Rosies Cup’, Owenabue Inn Club Closed Championships, Junior Championships, Open Doubles Tournament Week, Veterans Tournament and Club Nights on Thursdays.  In addition the club participated in Summer Cup, Heineken Cup (Division 5), Carlsberg Cup, Maher Cup (U-12s), Gillabbey Cup (u14s), Nestle U-16s, Sunshine Cup (u16s) and Sutton’s Oil Vets Division 2.

The format of the closed Vets changed from singles to mixed doubles.  This was held between the 14th and 16th of October and there was a draw for partners.

A Saint Patricks Day Open Doubles Tournament was run on 23rd March 1995. The winners were Pat Dunne and Deirdre Collins (Limerick Lawn) with Brian Walsh and Freda Roycroft as runners-up. The beaten Semi-finalists were Barry Walsh and Mary Walsh, Billy Roycroft and Catherine Mulhare.

Carrigaline won the Coast League for the second year running.

At the AGM held on 23rd October 1995, Catherine Mulhare was elected as Chairperson. Catherine was the first lady chairperson of the club.

1996 was uneventful. The usual Open, Closed and Social Tournaments took place 

< If you have something of interest to include for 1996, please provide feedback to carrigalinetennisclub@gmail.com>


By 1997 interest and membership had reached its highest level to date.

Agreement was received at an EGM held on 26th March 1997 to resurface the courts with “Desso” Artificial Grass. Jim Conway, Chairperson Munster Branch of Tennis Ireland, officially opened new courts on 23rd August 1997.

Court from up high1.JPG

Susan Casey was selected to play on the Inter-provincial Team. Any idea what age group??

The Club was invited to host the Finals of the ‘Michel Cup’ for Ladies and the ‘Nationalist Cup’ for Men.  This was a significant honour for the club to host these prestigious inter-club competition finals.

Carrigaline won the Heineken Cup, Ladies 5th Division, by beating Kinsale 3-1 in Limerick. The winning team was Mary Craig (captain), Lorraine Matthews, Frankie Bresnan and Pauline Bagnell.

winners div 5 cup 1997 web.jpg

Frankie Bresnan, Pauline Bagnall, Mary Craig and Lorraine Matthews

The inaugural Junior Invitation (Under-12 and Under-14) weekend event was run in May 1998. This was sponsored by Golden Pages.  Provincial and national ranked players competed in it.  

Smithkline Beecham took over the sponsorship of this event in the second year.

The Division 5.1 team won the 1998 Summer Cup

<If you have any information of who was on team - please email carrigalinetennisclub@gmail.com with details>

On March 11 1999 there was a Clubhouse fire but damage was minimal, with the exception of smoked damage.  This was caused by an electrical fault. Club members rolled up their sleeves to help out with the cleaning and repair work.

A very successful open day was held to promote the Club and to solicit new membership as membership had started to decline.

The club had a busy year as usual in terms of the Tournaments it ran. The Veterans Tournament took place in March with twenty-four entries. The Pfizer Spring Open ran in April with sixty partnerships competing.  The Golden Pages Open Doubles Tournament commenced on July 1st  and the Club Championships ran from 25th August to 2nd September with sixty members entered.  On top of this, members participated in the Winter League, Annual Turkey Tournament and Annual trips to the Tennis Village continued.

The Junior Section continued to grow. The Junior Invitational was held over May bank holiday weekend with one hundred entries, thirty of which were from Carrigaline. This Event is affiliated to ILTA. The Junior Championships were run in August, followed by the 'Junior of the Year' award which was presented to Stephen Ginn.

The Casey Cup and OK Cups continued over the Winter months.

Pat McCrann took up the position of Club Coach. Pat coached ninety juniors, twenty-five of whom were taking part in short tennis.

It was estimated that it would cost £10,000 to re-fence the Courts. A Junior/Juvenile 24-hour Marathon event, played in August, raised £800 towards this fencing project.

There was an Open Day on March 11th  2000 organised by John Flanagan. This was done to increase membership and awareness in the community of the club.

The ‘Millennium’ Vets Tournament took place in March with 24 entries.  The Pfizer Spring Open took place from in April and the Golden Pages Open Doubles Tournament took place in July. The Club Championships were held in August with over eighty members competing.  Unfortunately due to lack of support, the Husbands & Wives tournament was abandoned, but the Rosies Cup resumed after a 5-year break, with 11 teams of 4 competing in it.  Themed Fun nights were also scheduled as well as the Annual, Turkey Tournament and Social outings to the Tennis Village.  Fundraising continued with a Race Night.

The club now employed two coaches Pat McCrann and Declan Bray due to demand by club members.  In addition Rose Barry qualified as a 'Tennis Ireland Assistant Coach'.

The Casey Cup and OK Cups continued despite the organisational havoc that the Foot-and-Mouth restrictions imposed in the country.  The Junior Championships were run in August, followed by 'Junior of the Year' Award, which was presented jointly to Carol Warren and ?? Ginn.

The Department of Tourism, Sport & Recreation awarded £10,000 towards the replacement cost of the courts fencing, including the practice court. The Junior/Juvenile 24 hour marathon event held in August raised a further €1300 towards the fencing project.

In December 2000, Barry Downey was bestowed with the first ever Honorary Membership from Carrigaline Tennis Club in recognition of his commitment to the development of the club over a long number of years.


There was a mixed doubles ‘Matchmaker 2001’ tournament - with an open draw for partners and a handicap system to ensure no partnership could pull too far ahead in scoring.  Several fundraisers such as a Race Night were organised to raise funds to replace the fencing.  

On a very sad note, Barry Downey passed away in June 2001.  He contributed enormously to the development of the club.  Barry was involved with the club since its inception and was one of the prime moves in securing the clubs’ premise in the GAA grounds.

barry d tribute-1.jpg

In 2002, Carmel Downey offered to sponsor a trophy for an event in the Club Championships in remembrance of her husband Barry Downey. The Barry Downey Memorial Trophy was awarded to the winners of the Mixed Doubles in the club championships. This was won by Der O'Mahony & Lorraine Matthews.

barry downey memorial prize 2002.jpg

Carmel Downey presenting the Barry Downey Memorial Trophy to Winners Lorraine Matthews and Diarmuid O’Mahony

The “Matchmaker” social was run again around Valentines Day.

In June 2002, a meeting was held with the GAA to discuss the renewal of the lease as it was due to expire in April 2003. The feedback received was that a 15 year renewal was possible along with building a permanent structure as a club-house.

The court fencing was replaced with monies the club had raised through fundraising, along with £10,000 from the National Lottery and £560 from the Cork County Council Amenity fund.

2002 Spring Open Winners.jpg

2002 Vets Winners - Catherine Mulhare, Pat Walsh Mary Walsh, Sarah Cronin, Melanie Spivey, Michael O’Sullivan Pauline Bagnall, Joy Murphy, Ron O’Mahony, Ger Wiley and Seamus Moynihan

The 2003 Golden Pages Open week was the first time that a separate Grade 3 standard competition was included.  

Carrigaline won the 2003 OK Cup by beating Douglas in the final after going to super doubles.

OK CUP 2003.jpg

OK Cup 2003 Team members - Sarah Hickey, Laura Thompson, Toni Perrott, Sean Kennedy, Stephen Casey and Daniel Cronin pictures with Mary Malone and Rita Kennedy, Junior Organisers and Sylvia Perrott Club Captain.

Barry Downey team Tournament [Need clarification on who won this, and if this was the first year that the Barry Downey memorial was a (invitational?) team event]

After 12 years of service, the original token unit which controlled the floodlights on Courts 3 & 4 packed up. The original machine was no longer in manufacture, so a new token type and token machine was put in place.  These are now collectors items!

By 2004, the club financial situation was in a healthy position as the Bank loan has been paid in full. Discussions on future developments of the club facilities were actively been discussed, with an estimate that it would cost roughly €100,000 to build a club-house, but the lease with the GAA would need to be renewed first.

After the Turkey Tournament in December, Catherine Mulhare was presented with an Honorary Membership. This was in recognition of the enormous contribution she had made in the development and promotion of the club.  The citation on the plaque that was presented read:

“Hononary Membership is awarded to Catherine Mulhare in recognition of her efforts as a founding member and her continuing involvement over the years”

catherine mulhare honoury membership.jpg

In February 2005, the GAA indicated that they were nearly ready to negotiate a new contract but there would be an increase in rent. Again in November 2005, the GAA indicated that they had no objection to renewing the lease. In May 2006, at a meeting with the GAA, the GAA proposed increasing the rent from €2,400 per year to €10,000 per year without getting a renewed lease. Without a lease, the club had no rights of tenure. In addition it ruled out the possibility for the tennis club to apply to build a permanent clubhouse. This development left the tennis club in a very vulnerable and untenable situation.

It was a great honour for the club that two Junior members, Alan Courtney and Shane Healy, qualified for the Nationals which was held in December.

In 2006, Carrigaline Tennis club went on-line when it registered the www.carrigalinetennisclub.com URL.  

The Club held its 21st Birthday Celebrations in Fernhill Golf and Country Club.


The tennis club approached Cork County Council with a view to leasing land and building a new club. In January 2007, the Council assigned the club a land locked site in Kilnagleary with no direct access to a main road.

In April 2007, the GAA sent a letter to the tennis club with notice to quit. The issue for the GAA was that if the tennis club were still in residence by April 2009, the tennis club would be entitled to a sporting lease (a 99 year lease). In addition, the GAAs overall development plans involved building over the location of the tennis courts.

In April the issue of access was discussed with Cork County Council. The following options were raised:

1.         Construction access through council lands

2.         Construction access through GAA land (with their permission) in conjunction with GAA development

3.         Access through a private road behind the site, but it was felt this would be difficult to get and insure.

Drainage works were to be completed before the tennis club was to be allowed to start works. Pedestrian/car access through the county council land would not be possible until the planned housing development was completed. At the time, this was anticipated to be a minimum of three years (i.e. 2010). The council suggested the tennis club contact the GAA about getting a temporary access through their ground.

In May 2007, the GAA indicated that the tennis club could extend its stay if a cast-iron arrangement was in place that the tennis club would not seek a sporting lease. In March 2008, the tennis club gave the GAA legal assurances concerning the sporting lease. This opened the way for the GAA to extend the tennis clubs stay. The new License arrangement that the GAA outlined was to charge €25,000 for 12 months from 1st May 2008 to 30th April 2009. The GAA was to take over the paying of the electricity for the club, but also receive the revenue from the light tokens (cost was increased from €4 to €5). The requirement to be a GAA pavilion member remained. In November 2008, the club entered into this license agreement with the GAA.


The club also investigated reaching out to other clubs, such as GarryDuff Sports Centre, to investigate the possibility of using their facilities until the new club setup was in place.


In 2007, Shane Healy was selected for Munster under 14s inter pro team.  Shane was a member of Carrigaline and Sundays Well tennis clubs and was the second ever junior player from the club to be asked to compete at this level.

Several fundraising activities continued in order to raise funds for the new future club facilities. For example the Dunnes Stores Bag packing raised €3,200.

The club Tournament activities were as busy as ever with the following events run: Turkey Tournament, Hot Toddy Social Event, Women’s Little Christmas, Thursday night blitz, Valentines Social Night, Easter Social, ‘OZ Cork’ night, Halloween Social Night, Barry Downey Tournament and the Carrigaline Vets Tournament.

The club arranged a members discount scheme, whereby discounts could be obtained from the following retailers upon presentation of your membership card: Carrigaline Sports and Leisure, Ludgate & O’Keeffe and Mahers Sports.

Sadly Catherine Mulhare passed away in October.  She was a big loss to the club on several fronts, not least her organisational and leadership abilities. She contributed enormously to the development of the club.


In 2008, the club applied for and received, a €50,000 recreation grant which was to be applied to the costs of developing the new club facilities. Also in this year, a Junior member Alex Duboy qualified for the Nationals.  The increasing success of our Junior members was a testament to the clubs, coaches and parents commitment to developing the Juniors section to a very high standard.  Another aspect of the clubs <commitment> to the Juniors was the clubs adoption of the Tennis Ireland’s proposal for Child protection guidelines.

In the 2008 Summer Cup, the Grade 4 Ladies and Grade 6 Mixed teams won.  The Grade 4 Ladies team comprised: Marion Gargan, Daphne Hickey, Mary Walsh and Sommer Craig.  [Need names for Grade 6 Mixed team]

These wins were followed up in Spring of 2009 with the Grade 3 Mixed team winning the Winter League Final.  This team was: Mark Cunningham, Sommer Craig, Siobhan Beamish and Kieran Hurley.

There was sad news in May, when a club member Fergus Slyne suddenly passed away.  Fergus was an active member in the club and loved playing the game.  His family approached the tennis club with the idea of holding an event to remember him.  The Fergus Slyne Memorial competition has become an annual event on the club calendar since then.

The Ladies and Mixed Grade 5 won the Summer Cup.  The Ladies team was: Valerie Dunne, Betty Thompson, Maria Harrington and Fiona Crumplin.  The Mixed team was: Deirdre Murphy, Deirdre Duboy, David Thompson, John Hurley.  

Fundraising continued with the inclusion of the novel ‘Who wants to be a Thousandair?’ event.


In October, a meeting with the tennis club, GAA and Council was arranged to discuss access road to site. The Council’s preferred option was for the GAA to provide access to the tennis club site. Negotiation progress with the GAA was very slow. In July 2010, the GAA suggested an alternative route via the back of their club house. The GAA insisted on a 5 year renewable license. This was rejected by the tennis club.


The Mens Grade 4 team won the Summer Cup in 2010 [details needed].

At an EGM on the 15th July 2010, a two-storey clubhouse was suggested (with 135m2 downstairs and 90m2 upstairs). A quantity surveyor estimate for the complete build (courts and club-house) was €801,000.

The GAA were approached to consider lowering the licence fee to €15,000 per annum and to consider buying the lights when the tennis club was leaving. The GAA declined this request.

At an AGM on 29th November 2010 it was explained to those present that the council were not interested in giving access through their lands as it would reduce the value of their land.

A final meeting to resolve the access issue with the GAA was held on 19th January 2011. This did not yield any resolution. The tennis club then looked to pursue the following two options:

          Go back to the council in connection with obtaining access to the new site, or,

          Look at other sites.


The club setup a Facebook page in order to enhance the communication with club members.  

The Junior section ran a very successful Parent & Child Tournament  [- was this the first one?]



On the occasion of the 25th Year Celebration Dinner


The 25th Anniversary of the clubs foundation was held in Fernhill Golf & Country Club.  


In June 2011, the Ferney road access had been approved in principle with the Council. This development marked a major milestone for the club in terms of developing new facilities on a site that the Council was providing to the Tennis club on a 35 year lease. The new site was 1.76 acres in size and would provide for 42 parking spaces. Planning permission was submitted and obtained for five new courts and a clubhouse.

A team won the final of the Division 'B' Spring League competition that consisted of double pairings in grades 4,5 and 6 beating Sundays Well.  [info on team members needed]

The Council eventually gave the green light to an access route from the Ferney Road and in February 2012 planning permission was approved for the development. The club signed a 35 year lease with the County Council with an option of a further 35 year. The club paid the first installment of €1 for lease of the site.  The site was registered on the Property Registration Authority in the trustees names and with no conditions.

Construction of project was estimated at €553,000, with a fit-out and finish costs at €47,000, totaling €600,000.  This amount covered essential construction costs and the balance would be raised by increasing membership and fundraising.

The overall funding plan for the new development comprised fundraising activities, increased membership, grants and a bank loan.

Fundraising continued with some new fundraising ideas generated by Ron Sisk and his committee.  'Clear out Saturday', night at the dogs, a Table quiz and raffle were some of the event that were organised.

Two new Fundraising ideas were Court Sponsorship and “Friends of Carrigaline Tennis” were proposed. These were hoped to raise €6,000 from the support of local companies with the ‘Friends of Carrigaline Tennis’ targeting to raise €22,500.  It was also planned that membership would increase given the extra court capacity in the new setup.

The club received notice of final approval for the €80,000 sports grant.  The club also planned on drawing down the already awarded €50,000 County Council grant. This extra cash allowed additional development work such as automating the access gates and tarmacing and lining the car park.

AIB bank also gave verbal approval for a loan application of €340,000 over a 15 year term.

Construction started on May 24th 2013 and the good weather helped in speeding construction along. Peter Murphy is the contractor for the civil works and the clubhouse.

Simon Brewitt provided a lot of technical and engineering inputs into the complete project.  He did this on a voluntary basis.  The aim is to be finished the courts in early October.

The specification included five new courts using 'Tiger Turf' surface finish. The ‘Tiger Turf’ carpet has two colours - red/clay effect for court area and green in the non-court area.  The Contractor awarded to install this surface was Emerald Sports Surfaces Ltd.

Floodlights were from Musco, these can deliver a minimum of 25% energy saving over similar alternatives. The floodlighting cost €71,000 to install.

The Clubhouse size was reduced to 15m x 10m single storey with a veranda overlooking the courts.  This was done to meet the keep the overall development costs within budget.  The water heating system cost €5,000.

The finishing of the internals of the clubhouse and landscaping of grounds was done on a voluntary basis by club members.  A painting contractor (who?) painted the exterior of the clubhouse for free.

The opening event at the new setup was the Veterans Open Tournament on the weekend of October 19th.

The new clubhouse and courts came into full use at 8pm on Friday November 1st 2013


Old tennis club (3).JPG

Last game on Court at the GAA Complex

The Junior continued their fundraising activities and raised €1930 through the Tennis-athon.

The GAA offered to host a farewell night in their clubhouse to celebrate the clubs transition to the new location.


The club transitioned to an on-line booking and e-mail system to improve the communications to all club members.  Prior to the online booking system, bookings for courts had to be made in person.  Various schemes for booking courts have been adopted over the years to try and make the booking of courts as equitable as possible.  No one scheme has been found that pleased everyone given the high demand for courts during certain parts of the year.  

An example of one method involved people forming an orderly queue on a first-come-first-serve basis to enter bookings in the bookings book at 8pm each night.  This had the side-effect of people queuing early, so it was tweaked whereby each person was given a ticket with a number on it.  The order by which your ticket was pulled from the hat dictated the order in which you could enter your booking in the bookings book.


Following an incident in Douglas Tennis Club during their open tournament whereby a player collapsed on court due a heart attack, the club decided to buy a defibrillator and arranged training for a number of members in how to use this equipment. However, David Carroll kindly donated a brand new machine which was installed and club members were trained up on the equipment.


Tennis Club opening day 072.jpg Tennis Club opening day 098.jpg

On Sunday 22nd June 2014, the official opening of the new club facilities was held.  It was officially opened by Minister for Agriculture, Marine and Food, Simon Coveney TD in the company of President of Tennis Ireland Ann O’Connor, Stephen McCarthy representing Munster Tennis, Councillor John Collins MCC, Father Pat Fogarty and Reverend Elaine Murray.  During the opening ceremony, Brian Walsh was bestowed the honourary position of Club President.  The Club Constitution was updated to account for this.

 carrigdhoun page 26 280614 cropped resampled.jpg


The Development Committee Eddie Pierce, Simon Brewitt , Ann Bogan, and Brian Walsh & Tom Noonan

To ensure that everything ran smoothly on the day, the Opening Ceremony was overseen by a committee which consisted of Brian Walsh, Ann Bogan, Patsy Dunlea, Sheila Stokes and Maurice Collins.

The club was also honored to host the finals of the Munster Branch Regional Leagues and Summer Cups.  The Grade 6 Ladies team captained by Fiona Geary won along with the Grade 6 Mens team captained by Don Coughlan

both teams 990x200.jpg

Matt Pettit, Maurice Collins, Fiona Geary, Louise Daly, Noelle O’Callaghan, Marian Plunkett,Dermot Corkery and Don Coughlan.


Myriam Cotter redesigned the web-site during the year to make it more appealing to users.


The fundraising committee ran a number of events; an auction and the junior marathon were major successes along with the clothes collections and raffles during opens were a vital source of income for the club.


The car park was fully completed in 2014 which marked the last of the major tasks in the development of the new state-of-the-art tennis club.


As part of the 30th anniversary celebrations a dinner dance was held in Fernhill Golf and Country Club on Saturday June 6th 2015.  This event was organised by John Gargan, Pauline Byrne and Mary Walsh. Members, guests and past members took part in the celebrations to make it a memorable night.


question on this group cogans.jpg


Carmel Downey with Sylvia Perrott and Tim Murnane.jpg

barrydphoto copy.gif

Barry Downey Trophy became a Team Event when?????

presentation of trophy to Douglas by Carmel Downey.jpg

Presentation of B D Memorial Trophy to Winners Douglas Tennis Club