Competitive Achievements


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Summer Cup Winners

1996 - A Ladies Team from Carrigaline played Nenagh Tennis Club in the Final of the Michel Cup - Marie Kenneally, Deirdre Cremin, Moninne Collins, Mairead Ni Bheara

The mixed team of Pat Donnellan, Sylvia Perrott, Joe Harte and Val Dunne reached Final of Heineken Plate.

1997 Heineken 5th Division, Ladies Winners.  

Frankie Bresnan, Pauline Bagnall, Mary Craig (captain) and Lorraine Matthews. Beat Kinsale 3-1 in Limerick.


winners div 5 cup 1997 web.jpg

Frankie Bresnan, Pauline Bagnall, Mary Craig and Lorraine Matthews

1998 Summer Cup Grade 4 Coyle Hamilton Plate Winners

<No info on who was on this team - please e-mail if you have info on this>

2000 Summer Cup, Coyle Hamilton Cup, Grade 5 Winners

The team members were Brian Walsh (Captain), Ron Sisk, Pauline Bagnall, Marian Gargan, Diarmuid O’Mathuna, and Angela O’Connell.  Substitutes in earlier rounds - Fiona Rynne, Pat Donnellan and Eoin O’Beara.

summer cup 2000  and league winners 1998 question web size.jpg

Marian Gargan, Angela O'Connell, Anon, Brian Walsh, Pauline Bagnall, Mary Mountjoy, President Munster Branch, Diarmuid O'Mathúna, Ron Sisk

2008 Grade 4 Summer Cup, Keane Cup, Winners

Marian Gargan, Daphne Hickey, Mary Walsh and Sommer Craig

Grade 4 Keane Cup Winners 2008.jpg

Marian Gargan, Daphne Hickey, Mary Walsh and Sommer Craig

2008 Summer Cup Grade 6 Mixed

<No info on who was on this team - please e-mail if you have info on this>

2009 Summer Cup Grade 5 Ladies Winners

Valerie Dunne, Betty Thompson, Maria Harrington and Fiona Crumplin

Grade 5 Summer Cup Winners 2009.jpg

Valerie Dunne, Betty Thompson, Maria Harrington and Fiona Crumplin

2009 Summer Cup Grade 5 Mixed Winners

Deirdre Murphy, Deirdre Duboy, David Thompson and John Hurley.

2010 Summer Cup Grade 4 Men Winners

<No info on who was on this team - please e-mail if you have info on this

2012 - Summer Cup Carlsberg Cup Grade 3 Winners

Stephanie Corkery, Kevin Moynihan, Marian Gargan, Seamus Moynihan and Moninne Collins


Stephanie Corkery, Kevin Moynihan, Marian Gargan, Seamus Moynihan and Moninne Collins

2012 - Summer Cup Grade 6 Winners

Sarah Guilfolye, Liz Christie, Fionnuala O’Driscoll and Kasha Malysz


Sarah Guilfolye, Liz Christie, Fionnuala O’Driscoll and Kasha Malysz

2014 - Summer Cup Grade 6 Mens Winners & Grade 6 Ladies Winners

Ladies - Fiona Geary, Louise Daly, Noelle O’Callaghan and Marian Plunkett

Mens - Matt Pettit, Maurice Collins, Dermot Corkery and Don Coughlan.

both teams 990x200.jpg

Matt Pettit, Maurice Collins, Fiona Geary, Louise Daly, Noelle O’Callaghan, Marian Plunkett,Dermot Corkery and Don Coughlan.

2015 Summer Cup Grade 5 Ladies Winners

Anne O’Hea, Tina Holland, Fionnuala O’Driscoll and LIsa Ryan


The Ladies Grade 5 Team were runners up to Tralee in the Final of the Summer Cup at Limerick Lawn Tennis Club. Team Members were Mary Malone, Fiona Crumplin, Liz Christie and Sarah O’Flynn.

Winter League Victories

1998 Winter League Division 4 Winners 

Diarmuid O'Mathúna, Angela O'Connell, Marian Gargan, Pauline Bagnall, Brian Walsh, Ron Sisk

Tennis005 rev.jpg

Diarmuid O'Mathúna, Angela O' Connell, Marian Gargan, Pauline Bagnall, Brian Walsh, Ron Sisk

2004/2005 Grade 2 Winter League Winners 

Ron O'Mahony, Melanie Spivey, Ursula Allen and Mark Cunningham:

Grade 2 Winter League Winners 2005 web size.jpg

Ron O'Mahony, Melanie Spivey, Ursula Allen and Mark Cunningham:

2008/2009 Grade 3 Winter League Division 3 Mixed Winners

Mark Cunningham (Captain), Sommer Craig, Siobhan Beamish and Kieran Hurley

Carrigaline beat St. Anne’s (Waterford) 3-2 in Sundays Well.


Mark Cunningham, Sommer Craig, Siobhan Beamish and Kieran Hurley

2016 Grade 5 Ladies Winter League Runners-up

Susan Whitney, Tina Holland, Liz Christie and Anne O’Hea

Susan Whitney, Tina Holland, Liz Christie and Anne O’Hea

Civil Service Cup

This Competition has been running since 1938

2003 Civil Service Cup Division 3 Winners - Kieran Hurley, Mark Cunningham, Declan Bray and Ron O’Mahony.

Regional League

2011 Cork Regional League Div B Winners

<No info on who was on this team - please e-mail if you have info on this>

Senior Closed Club Championships Winners


Winners of the Inaugural Senior Club Closed Championships

Mens Singles. Winner- Ricky O'Regan. Runner up - Gordon Birch

Ladies Singles. Winner - Marie Kenneally. Runner up - Mary Rea


Mens Singles - Frank Ollington

Ladies SIngles - Marie Kenneally


Mens Singles - Bernard Walley

Ladies SIngles - Deirdre Cremin


Senior Closed Club Championships - sponsored by Clona Milk

Mens Singles - Winner: Bryan Crowley. Runner up: Brendan O'Keeffe

Ladies Singles - Winner: Marie Kennelly.  Runner up: Caroline Morrissey

Mixed Doubles - Winner: Bernard Wally & Mary Rea. Runner up: Pat Dunne & Laura Sheehan

Mens Plate - Winner: Adrian Murphy.  Runner up:Jimmy Cullen

Ladies Plate - Winner: Monine Collins.  Runner up: Anne Caffrey



Senior Closed Club Championships Sponsored by ‘Golden Pages’

Mens Singles - Winner: Pat Coleman.

Ladies Singles - Winner: Lucy Deasy.

Mens Doubles - Winner: Tim Marnane & Joe Kavanagh

Ladies Doubles - Winner: Lucy Deasy & Evelyn Coleman

Mixed Doubles - Winner: Lucy Deasy & Joe Kavanagh

Mens Plate Singles: Winner: Barry Downey

Ladies Plate Singles: Winner: Elaine Corkery

Mens Plate Doubles: Winner: Eddie Pierce & Jimmy Cullen

Ladies Plate Doubles: Winner: Moninne Collins & Judith Meade

Mixed Plate Doubles: Winner: Sarah O'Regan & Mark Cunningham


1990 Senior Club Championships Finalists sponsored by Golden Pages

golden pages club champs.jpg

        Finalists in the1990 Senior Club Championships sponsored by Golden Pages

Mens A Singles  - Winner: Billy McKeown. Runner up: Emmet Scanlon

Ladies Singles - Winner: Marie Kenneally. Runner up: Deirdre Cremin

Mens B Singles - Winner: Emmet Scanlon.  Runner up: Frank Brennan

Mens Doubles - Winner: Billy McKeown & Gerard Rose.  Runner up Frank Brennan and Brian Walsh

Ladies Doubles - Winner: Deirdre Cremin & Lucy Deasy

Mixed Doubles: Winners: Val Dunne & Gerard Rose beat Deirdre Cremin and Tim Marnane


Deirdre Cremin & Marie Kenneally

golden pages club champs year.jpg

Eddie Pierce presenting the ‘B’ Singles Cup to Emmet Scanlon pictured with Ron Sisk, Club Captain, Frank Brennan runner-up and Sean Curtin Club Chairperson.


Billy McKeown & Gerard Rose winners of the Mens Doubles with runners-up Frank Brennan and Brian Walsh


        Eddie Pierce of Golden Pages presenting Val Dunne & Gerard Rose with the Winners Trophy. Also in picture runners-up Deirdre Cremin and Tim Marnane


Mens 'A' Singles        Winner: Joe Kavanagh

Ladies A Singles         Winner: Monica Williams

Mens 'B' Singles        Winner: Bernard Walley

Ladies B Singles         Winner: Mary Walsh

Mens 'A' Doubles         Winners: Gerard Rose & Billy McKeown

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Mary Rea & Marie Kenneally

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Joe Kavanagh & Daphne Hickey


Mens 'A' Singles        Winner: Mark Cunningham. Runner up: Joe Kavanagh (student beats teacher!)

Mens 'B' Singles        Winner: Mark Cunningham

Ladies 'A' Singles        Winner: Deirdre Cremen

Ladies 'B' Singles        Winner: Sarah Cronin. Runner up: Deirdre Cremen

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Deirdre Cremen & Pat Dunne. Runner up: Sarah Cronin & Kieran Hurley

Mens Doubles                Winner: Bernard Walley & Joe Kavanagh. Runner up: Mark Cunningham & Kieran Hurley

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Abby O'Regan & Susan Hurley. Runner up: Mary Walsh and Moninne Collins.


Owenabue Club Championships

Mens 'A' Doubles        Winners: Kieran Hurley & Mark Cunningham

Mens 'A' Singles        Winner: Joe Kavanagh.

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Susan Hurley and Aidan O'Sullivan

Ladies 'A' Singles        Winner: Mary Walsh.  Runner up: Daphne Hickey

Mens 'B' Singles        Winner: Stephen McCarthy.  Runner up: Ollie Power

Ladies 'B' Singles        Winner: Rom Preston.  Runner up: Jocelyn Pierce

Mens 'A' Doubles        Winner: Brian Walsh/Kieran Hurley.  Runner up: John O'Connell/Tony Perrott

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Marie Kenneally/Laura Sheehan.  Runner up: Mary Walsh/Moninne Collins

Mixed Doubles                Winner: Marie Kenneally/Brendan Cotter.  Runner up: Joe Kavanagh/Mary Walsh


Mens 'A' Singles        Winner: Sean Curtin.  Runner up: Kieran Hurley

Ladies 'A' Singles        Winner: Monica Williams. Runner up: Mairead Ni Bheara

Mens 'B' Singles        Winner: John Gargan. Runner up: Bev Craig

Ladies 'B' Singles        Winner: Marian Gargan. Runner up: Betty Thompson

Mens Doubles        Winner: Joe Kavanagh & Bernard Walley. Runner up: Brendan Cotter/Sean Curtin

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Jocelyn Pierce/Mary Craig. Runner up: Aileen O'Gorman/Betty Thompson

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Larry Kehoe/Joy Murphy. Runner up: John Gargan/Miriam Ginn


Owenabue Club Championships

Mens 'A' Singles        Winner: Joe Kavanagh.

Ladies 'A' Singles        Winner: Mary Walsh

Mens 'B' Singles        Winner:

Ladies 'B' Singles        Winner: Rom Preston

Mens Doubles                Winners: Kieran Hurley & Brian Walsh

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Marie Kenneally/Laura Sheehan.

Mixed Doubles                Winner: Brendan Cotter & Marie Kenneally

Plate Winners

Ladies Plate Singles        Winner: M.Ni Bheara. Runner up: S.Cronin

Mens Plate Singles        Winner: D.Daly.  Runner up: B.Downey

Ladies Plate Double        Winner: C.Mulhare and P.Hurley.  Runner up: M.Chambers and M.Ginn        

Mens Plate Doubles        Winner: J.Collins and R.Sisk.  Runner up: B.Crowley and S.McCarthy

Mixed Plate Doubles        Winner: L.Sheehan and P.Dunne. Runner up: M.Ginn and R.Sisk

1995 Senior Club Championships

Mens A Singles        Winner: Aidan O'Sullivan. Runner up: David Hickey

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Marie Kenneally.  Runner up: Mary Walsh

Mens B Singles        Winner: Joe Harte.  Runner up: Joe Hughes

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Marian Healy.  Runner up: Aileen O'Gorman

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Daphne Hickey/Monica Williams. Runner up: Deirdre Cremin/Catherine Mulhare

Mens 'A' Doubles        Winner: David Hickey/Owen Hickey.  Runner up: Kieran Hurley/Billy McKeown

Mixed Doubles                Winner: Barry Downey/Mairead Ni Bheara. Runner up: David Hickey/Erica Dunne

Ladies A Plate Singles        Winner: Daphne Hickey. Runner up: Sarah Cronin

Ladies B Plate Singles        Winner: Frankie Bresnan. Runner up: Jocelyn Pierce        

Mens A Plate Singles        Winner: Sean Curtin. Runner up: Pat Donnellan

Mens B Plate Singles        Winner: John Gargan. Runner up: Tony Perrott

Ladies Plate Doubles        Winner: Mary Walsh/Moninne Collins. Runner up: Katherine Mahon/Betty Thompson

Mens Plate Doubles        Winner: Gavin Wims/Aidan O'Sullivan. Runner up: Larry Kehoe/Bev Craig

Mixed Plate Doubles        Winner: Pat Dunne/Deirdre Cremin. Runner up: Billy Perrott/Mary Craig


Mens A singles        Winner: Der O'Mahony. Runner up: Bernard Walley

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Marion Healy. Runner up: Joy Murphy

Mens B singles        Winner: Ron Sisk. Runner up: Tony Perrott

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Pauline Bagnell.  Runner up: Elinore Donnellan

Mens 'A' Doubles        Winner: Owen Hickey/David Hickey. Runner up: Billy McKeown/Bernard Wally

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Marie Kenneally/M. Ni Bheara. Runner up: Monica Williams/Daphne Hickey

Mixed Doubles                Winner: Mark Cunningham/Susan Hurley. Runner up: Brendan Cotter/Marie Kenneally

Mens A Plate singles        Winner: Sean Curtin. Runner up: Joe Harte

Ladies A Plate Singles        Winner: Mary Walsh. Runner up: Mairead Ni Bheara

Mens B Plate Singles        Winner: John Gargan. Runner up: Ollie Power

Ladies B Plate Singles        Winner: Marion Gargan. Runner up: Judith Meade

Mens Plate Double        Winner: Sean Curtin/Brendan Cotter. Runner up:Pat Donnellan/Joe Harte

Ladies Plate Doubles        Winner: Clodagh Fitzgerald/Monica Twomey. Runner up: Betty Thompson/Lorraine Matthews

Mixed Plate Doubles Plate        Der O'Mahony/Marion Gargan. Runner up: Bernard Walley/Norma O'Sullivan.


Mens A singles        Winner: Der O'Mahony.

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Marian Healy

Mens B singles        Winner: Joe Hughes

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Marian Gargan

Mens 'A' Doubles        Winner: Owen Hickey/David Hickey.

Ladies Doubles        Winner:  Marie Kenneally/M. Ni Bheara

Mixed Doubles                Winner: Pat Dunne & Deirdre Harte


Mens A singles        Winner: Kieran Hurley

Ladies A Singles        Winner:

Mens B singles        Winner: Paul Williamson

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Fiona Rynne

Mens 'A' Doubles        Winner: Brian Dennehy/Cormac Hughes

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Daphne Hickey/Monica Williams

Mixed Doubles                Winner: Kieran Hurley & Rom Preston


Mens A singles        Winner: Bernard Walley

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Mairead Ni Bheara

Mens B singles        Winner: John Gargan

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Aileen O’Gorman

Mens 'A' Doubles        Diarmuid O'Mathuna & Pat Dunne

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Marie Kenneally & Mariead Ni Bheara

Mixed Doubles                  Winner: Diarmuid O’Mathuna & Marion Gargan


Mens A Singles        Winner: Joe Harte, Runner up: Diarmuid O’Mahoney

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Pauline Bagnall, Runner up: Deirdre Harte

Mens B Singles        Winner: Paul Williamson, Runner up: Tim Marnane

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Ann Bogan, Runner up: Miriam Ginn

Mens Doubles                Winner: Joe Harte and Pat Donnellan, Runner up: Sean Curtin and Brendan Cotter

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Marian Gargan and Pauline Bagnall, Runner up: Marian Healy and Rom Preston

Mixed Doubles                Winner: Joe Harte and Deirdre Harte, Runner up: Kieran Hurley and Joy Murphy

Mens A Plate Singles        Winner: Sean Curtin, Runner up: Bernard Walley

Ladies A Plate Singles        Winner: Marian Gargan, Runner up: Joy Murphy

Mens B Plate Singles        Winner: Ollie Power, Runner up: Jim Kenneally

Ladies B Plate Singles        Winner: Catherine Mulhare, Runner up: Kay Desmond

Mens Plate Doubles        Winner: Pat Dunne/Diarmuid O’Mathuna, Runner up: Mark Cunningham/Billy Perrott

Ladies Plate Doubles        Winner: Elinore Donnellan/Miriam Ginn, Runner up: Rita Kennedy/ Ena Spillane

Mixed Plate Doubles        Winner: Fionna Rynne/Larry Kehoe, Runner up: Betty Thompson/ Pat Donnellan                                         


Ladies A Singles        Winner: Pauline Bagnall, Runner up: Rom Preston                        

Mens A Singles        Winner: Ron O’Mahony, Runner up: Mark Cunningham        

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Miriam Ginn, Runner up: Catherine Mulhare

Mens B Single                Winner: Garrett Hickey, Runner up: A. O’Meara

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Marie Kenneally/Monnine Collins, Runner up: Mary Walsh/Marian Gargan

Mens A Doubles        Winner: Ron O’Mahony/Garrett Hickey, Runner up: Joe Harte/Pat Donnellan

Mixed Doubles         Winner: Paul Williamson/Ann Bogan, Runner up: Diarmuid O’Mahony/Kay Desmond


Ladies B Plate Singles Winner: K. Desmond, Runner up: A. Carroll

Mens B Plate Singles         Winner: F. Slyne, Runner up:O. Power

Ladies A Plate Singles Winner: M. Kenneally, Runner up: M. Collins

Mens A Plate Singles        Winner: S Curtain, Runner up: J. Gargan

Ladies Plate Doubles        Winner: L Sheehan/M. Cotter, Runner up: C Mulhare/ A. O’Gorman

Mens Plate Doubles         Winner: M. O’Mahoney/B.Cahill, Runner up: J. Gargan/Fergus Slyne

Mixed Plate Doubles         Winner: B. Perrott/C. Warren, Runner up: D. Duggan/K.Desmond

2002 - Senior Club Championships sponsored by Morgans

Mens A singles        Winner: Kieran Hurley, Runner up: Mark O'Mahony

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Melanie Spivey, Runner up: Carol Warren

Mens B singles        Winner: Seamus Moynihan, Runner up: Tim Marnane

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Patsy Dunlea, Runner up: Anita Carroll

Ladies Doubles        Winner: Melanie Spivey/Mary Walsh, Runner up: Rom Preston/Marian Healy

Mens A Doubles        Winner: Kieran Hurley/Mark Cunningham, Runner up: Brian Walsh/Ron Sisk

Mixed Doubles                Winner: Der O'Mahony/Lorraine Matthews, Runner up: Brian Walsh/Mary Malone


The Barry Downey Memorial Trophy was awarded to the winners of the mixed doubles in the Club Championships. Presented by Carmel Downey in memory of Barry, who was a founder member of Carrigaline Tennis Club.

This Trophy will be awarded to a different event in the Club Championships each year.

Mens A Plate singles        Winner: J.Hughes, Runner up: B.Walsh

Ladies A Plate Singles        Winner: P.Bagnall, Runner up: M.Gargan

Mens B Plate singles        Winner: Ollie Power, Runner up: D.O'Brien

Ladies B Plate Singles        Winner: C.Mulhare, Runner up: M.Malone

Ladies Plate Doubles        Winner: V.Dunne/B.Thompson, Runner up: P.Dunlea/Gay Foster

Mens Plate Doubles                Winner: M.O'Mahony/B.Cahill, Runner up: Sean Curtin/J.Hughes

Mixed Plate Doubles                Winner: C.Mulhare/K.Hurley, Runner up: F.Bresnan/F.Slyne


Tennis Closed 03 Ladies Mixed Finals.jpg

Ladies Double Winners Gail Olsen & Melanie Spivey with runners up Monica Williams & Deirdre Harte

Tennis Closed 03 finals mixed doubles.jpg

Mixed Doubles Plate Winners Marie Kenneally & Pat Donnellan with runners up Lorraine Kieran & Mike Kieran

Tennis Closed 03 finals mens.jpg

Men's A Doubles Winner Kieran Hurley with, runners up Pat Donnellan & Joe Harte/

Tennis Closed 03 final B ann and sylvia.jpg

Ladies B Singles Runner-up Ann Halton with Winner Sylvia Perrott


Men's A Singles        Winner: Ron O'Mahony, runner up Kieran Hurley

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Melanie Spivey, runner up Siobhan Beamish

Men's B Singles         Winner: Sean Curtin, runner up Mark Rhys-Davies

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Sylvia Perrott, runner up Ann Halton

Men's A Doubles        Winners: Kieran Hurley/Billy Perrott, runners up Joe Harte/Pat Donnellan

Ladies Doubles        Winners Melanie Spivey/Gail Olsen, runners up Monica Williams/Deirdre Harte

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Ron O'Mahony/Gail Olsen, runners up Kieran Hurley /Rom Preston

Ladies Doubles Plate Winners Fiona Rynne/Rita Kennedy, runners up Anne Bogan/Ger Wiley

Mens Doubles Plate   Winners Brian Walsh/Ron Sisk, runners up Paul Healy/Tom Commisky

Mixed Doubles Plate          Winners Marie Kenneally/Pat Donnellan, runners up Michael Kieran/Lorraine Kieran


Men's A Singles        Winner: Mark Cunningham

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Melanie Spivey

Men's B Singles         Winner: Mark Rhys-Davies

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Gillian Rea

Men's A Doubles        Winners: Mark Cunningham & Kieran Hurley

Ladies Doubles        Winners: Ursula Allen & Melanie Spivey

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Mark Cunningham & Laura Thompson


Men's A Singles        Winner: Mark Cunningham

Ladies A Singles        Winner:

Men's B Singles         Winner: Paul Healy

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Ann Bogan

Men's A Doubles        Winners: Mark Cunningham & Kieran Hurley

Ladies Doubles        Winners: Melanie Spivey & Marie Kenneally

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Brian Walsh & Moninne Collins


Men's A Singles        Winner: Mark Cunningham

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Marian Gargan

Men's B Singles         Winner:

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Ann Bogan

Men's A Doubles        Winners: Mark Cunningham & Kieran Hurley

Ladies Doubles        Winners: Pauline Bagnall & Siobhan Beamish

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Seamus Moynihan & Pauline Bagnall


Men's A Singles        Winner: Ken Murphy

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Siobhan Beamish

Men's B Singles         Winner: Mark Rhys-Davies

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Sommer Craig

Mens 'A' Doubles        Winner: Mark Cunningham & Diarmuid O'Mathuna

Ladies Doubles        Winners: Pauline Bagnall & Siobhan Beamish

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Seamus Moynihan & Pauline Bagnall


Men's A Singles        Winner: Ken Murphy

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Marian Healy

Men's B Singles         Winner: David Thompson

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Lisa Long

Men's A Doubles        Winners: Mark Cunningham & Kieran Hurley

Ladies Doubles        Winners: Monica Williams & Siobhan Beamish

Mixed Doubles                Winners: David Thompson & Sommer Craig


club champs 09 singles.JPG

Club Championships Singles Winners with Club Captain Patsy Dunlea

club champs 09.JPG

Ladies Doubles Winners Marion Gargan & Pauline Bagnall and Club Captain Patsy Dunlea

Men's A Singles        Winner: Shane Healy

Ladies A Singles        Winner: Sommer Craig

Men's B Singles         Winner: Kevin Moynihan

Ladies B Singles        Winner: Deirdre Murphy

Men's A Doubles        Winners: David Thompson & Shane Healy

Ladies Doubles        Winners: Pauline Bagnall & Marian Gargan

Mixed Doubles                Winners: Shane Healy & Angela Hanley


Mens 'A' Singles         Winner: Shane Healy, runners up John Ryan

Ladies 'A' Singles         Winner: Siobhan Beamish, runners up Marian Gargan

Mens 'B' Singles         Winner: Tim O'Donovan, runners up Michael O'Sullivan

Ladies 'B' Singles         Winner: Susan O'Donovan, runners up Pauline Byrne

Mens A Doubles         Winner: Shane Healy & David Thompson, runners up Paul Healy & John Ryan

Ladies Doubles         Winner: Siobhain Beamish & Marian Gargan, runners up Pauline Bagnall & Monica Williams

Mixed Doubles                Winner: David Thompson & Sommer Craig, runners up Shane Healy & Marian Healy


2010 Ladies Doubles Finalists Siobhain Beamish,Pauline Bagnall, Monica Williams & Marian Gargan


Mens 'A' Singles         Winner: John Ryan, runners up Shane Healy

Ladies 'A' Singles         Winner: Marian Healy, runners up Ann Bogan

Mens 'B' Singles         Winner: John Murphy, runners up Ray McDonald

Ladies 'B' Singles         Winner: Pauline Byrne, runners up Sheila Stokes

Mens 'A' Doubles         Winner: Kevin Moynihan & Brian Walsh, runners up Pat Dunne & David Thompson

Mens 'B' Doubles         Winner: Jack Daly & Aidan Mangan, runners up Ray McDonald & Eddie Pierce

Ladies 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Betty Thompson & Monica Williams, runners up Sommer Craig & Joy Keeffe

Ladies 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Tina Holland & Louise O'Sullivan, runners up Val Dunne & Karen Holmes

Mixed 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Brian Walsh & Sommer Craig, runners up Kevin Moynihan & Deirdre Murphy

Mixed 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Aaron Ryan & Louise O'Sullivan, runners up Jack Daly & Tina Holland.


Mens 'A' Singles         Winner: John Ryan, runner up Aidan Cotter

Ladies 'A' Singles         Winner: Marian Healy, runner up Pauline Bagnall

Mens 'B' Singles         Winner: Ray McDonald, runner up John Murphy

Ladies 'B' Singles         Winner: Karen Holmes, runner up Sheila Stokes

Mens 'A' Doubles         Winner: Seamus Moynihan & Diarmuid O'Mathuna, runner up Aidan Cotter & Pat Donnellan

Mens 'B' Doubles         Winner: Brendan Lynch & John Murphy, runner up Declan M Crowley & Michael O'Sullivan

Ladies 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Marian Healy & Susan O'Donovan, runner up Moninne Collins & Stephanie Corkery

Ladies 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Sarah Guilfoyle & Maria O'Reilly, runner up Karen Holmes & Gitte Sullivan

Mixed 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Eoin Moynihan & Susan O'Donovan, runner up Gus Bowen & Deirdre Duboy

Mixed 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Brendan Lynch & Rita Kennedy, runner up Ray McDonald & Ber Foster


Mens 'A' Singles         Winner: Eoin Moynihan, runner up Kevin Moynihan

Ladies 'A' Singles         Winner: Stephanie Corkery, runner up Pauline Bagnall

Mens 'B' Singles         Winner: Ray McDonald, runner up Declan M Crowley

Ladies 'B' Singles         Winner: Maria O'Reilly, runner up Fiona Crumplin

Mens 'A' Doubles         Winner: Jack Daly & Eoin Moynihan, runner up Tim Marnane & Kevin Moynihan

Mens 'B' Doubles         Winner: Robert Ficeri & Ronan Geary, runner up Mick O'Sullivan & Richard Walsh

Ladies 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Stephanie Corkery & Sophie Emma O'Sullivan, runner up Moninne Mary Collins &

Maria Harrington

Ladies 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Majella Daly & Ger Wiley, runner up Aine Cunningham & Mary Malone

Mixed 'A' Doubles:         Winner: John Gargan & Louise O'Sullivan, runner up Tim Marnane & Stephanie Corkery

Mixed 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Frank O'Sullivan & Valerie Dunne, runner up Ray McDonald & Aine Cunningham


Club Captain Patsy Dunlea presenting Eon Moynihan with the Mens 'A' Singles Cup with runner-up Kevin Moynihan

IMG_8158 1.jpg

Ladies 'A' Doubles Winners Stephanie Corkery & Sophie Emma O'Sullivan

IMG_7799 1.jpg

Mens 'A' Doubles runners-up Tim Marnane & Kevin Moynihan with winners Jack Daly & Eoin Moynihan

IMG_7804 1.jpg

Ladies 'A' Doubles Winners Stephanie Corkery & Sophie Emma O'Sullivan with runners-up Moninne Collins & Maria Harrington


Ladies 'B' Doubles Winners Majella Daly & Ger Wiley with runners-up Mary Malone & Aine Cunningham


Mens 'A' Singles         Winner: John Ryan, runner up Aidan Cotter

Ladies 'A' Singles         Winner: Stephanie Corkery, runner up Moninne Collins

Mens 'B' Singles         Winner: Michael Anthony O'Sullivan, runner up Maurice Collins

Ladies 'B' Singles         Winner: Noelle O'Callaghan, runner up Fionnuala O'Driscoll

Mens 'A' Doubles         Winner: Jack Daly & John Ryan, runner up Ken Murphy & Ron Sisk

Mens 'B' Doubles         Winner: Maurice Collins & Mark Iorwedd Rhys-Davies,  runner up Dermot Corkery & Brian Desmond

Ladies 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Siobhan Beamish & Bridget Webb, runner up Pauline Bagnall & Kasha Malysz

Ladies 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Siobhan Carmody & Fionnuala O'Driscoll, runner up Grainne Carmody & Tina Holland

Mixed 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Diarmuid O'Mathuna & Sheila Stokes, runner up Gus Bowen & Majella Daly

Mixed 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Maurice Collins & Gitte Sullivan, runner up Dermot Corkery & Shirley Pettit


Ladies 'B' Doubles Runners-up Tina Holland & Grainne Carmody with Winners Fionnuala O'Driscoll & Siobhan Carmody


Patsy Dunlea, Club Captain presenting the Mixed 'A' Doubles Cup to Sheila Stokes Diarmuid O'Mathuna with Runners-up Gus Bowen & Majella Daly


Mens 'A' Doubles runners-up Ken Murphy & Ron Sisk with winners Jack Daly & John Ryan


Ladies 'A' Singles runner-up Moninne Collins and winner Stephanie Corkery


Mens 'A' Singles         Winner: Martin Sulir, runner up Conor McCarthy

Ladies 'A' Singles         Winner: Noelle O'Callaghan, runner up Kasha Malysz

Mens 'B' Singles         Winner: Michael Anthony O'Sullivan, runner up Ollie Power

Ladies 'B' Singles         Winner: Susan Whitney, runner up Lisa Ryan

Mens 'A' Doubles         Winner: John Murphy & Diarmuid O'Mathuna, runner up Andrew Dunlea & Martin Sulir

Mens 'B' Doubles         Winner: Dermot Corkery & Keith O'Sullivan, runner up Ollie Power & Richard Walsh

Ladies 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Noelle O'Callaghan & Susan O'Donovan, runner up Kasha Malysz & Louise O'Sullivan

Ladies 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Marian Disney & Lisa Ryan, runner up Valerie Dunne & Helen Ronayne

Mixed 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Mark Cunningham & Linda Murphy, runner up Martin Sulir & Kasha Malysz

Mixed 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Richard Walsh & Fionnuala O'Driscoll, runner up Karl Slyne & Gitte Sullivan


Ladies 'B' Doubles winners Lisa Ryan & Marian Disney and runners-up Valerie Dunne & Helen Ronayne


Mixed 'B' Doubles winners Fionnuala O'Driscoll & Richard Walsh


Mens 'A' Singles         Winner: John Ryan, runner up: Martin Sulir

Ladies 'A' Singles         Winner: Ann Bogan, runner up: Susan Whitney

Mens 'B' Singles         Winner: Mark Rhys-Davies, runner up: Richard Finn

Ladies 'B' Singles         Winner: Katarzyna Gumienny, runner up: Fiona Crumplin

Mens 'A' Doubles         Winner: Diarmuid O’Mathuna & Richard O’Leary, runner up: Gus Bowen & Jonathan Duggan

Mens 'B' Doubles         Winner: Tom Noonan & Noel Ronayne, runner up: Eamonn Hennessy & Paul Williamson

Ladies 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Pauline Bagnall & Fionnuala O’Driscoll, runner up: Patsy Dunlea & Monica Williams

Ladies 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Tina Holland & Janet O’Sullivan, runner up: Aoife Ni Cheallachain & Sarah O’Flynn

Mixed 'A' Doubles:         Winner: Martin Sulir & Suan Whitney, runner up: John Murphy & Lisa Ryan

Mixed 'B' Doubles:         Winner: Liam Kelly & Siobhan Dower, runner up: Mike Stephen & Siobhan Carmody

Other Closed/ Tournament Achievements


Winners of First Veterans Tournament in 1989

Mens Singles winner Frank Brennan.  Runner-up Sean Curtin

Ladies Singles winner Marie Kenneally.  Runner-up Mary Rea

vets winners 1989.jpg

Sean Curtin, Frank Brennan, Marie Kenneally and Mary Rea

Winners of Plate Veterans Tournament

Mens Singles Winner Pat Dunne. Runner-up Eddie Pierce.

Ladies Singles Winner Catherine Mulhare.  Runner-up Jocelyn Pierce.


Pat Dunne & Eddie Pierce

Turkey Competition (Sponsor: Cork & Limerick Savings Bank)


Participants in the Carrigaline Tennis Club Annual Turkey Tournament sponsored by Cork & Limerick Savings Bank, from left, Aidan Wims, John Colins, Conor Carbery, Jocelyn Pierce, Mark Cunningham, Marie Kenneally, Anne McCarthy, Brendan Cotter, Brid Murphy, Norma O’Sullivan, Laura Sheehan, Valerie Dunne, Rose Barry, Pat Dunne, Catherine Mulhare, Sylvia Perrott, Mary Craig, Moninne Collins, Sarah O’Mahony, Elaine Corkery, Aileen O’Gorman, Mairead Ni Bherara, Jeremy Glennon, Eddie Pierce, John Flanagan, Brian Walsh, Noel Brennan, Frank Brennan, Ron Sisk (Organiser)

Winners: Marie Kenneally 241, Aileen O'Gorman 224, Moninne Collins 223 , Sylvia Perrott 222 and Norma O'Sullivan 221.


Charlie Fielding, Manager Cork & Limerick Savings Bank presenting Sylvia Perrott with her prize in the 1989 Turkey Tournament

question on this group cogans.jpg

Festival Week - Cogan’s Tournament 29th June 1989

Judith Meade, Mairead Ni Bheara, Jeremy Glennon, Roma Cahill, P White, M Hemlock, Miriam Ginn, Lorraine Kiernan, J Cronin, Marian Hennessy, Linda Cullen, Joan Sammon, Helen O’Connor (Winner), Mary Courtney, Des Meade, Norma O’Sullivan, Aileen O’Gorman, Bevan Craig, Valerie Dunne, Rose Barry, Cathy O’Donovan, J Claffey, Carmel Downey, Moninne Collins, Anne McCarthy, Mary Walsh, P O’Donovan, Mary Craig, Tim Marnane, Owen O’Keeffe, Pat Dunne, Stephen McCarthy, Mark Cunningham, Joe Sammon, Louis Plunkett, Barry Downey, Noel Brennan, Helen Walsh, Mary Ryan, Jimmy Cullen, John Collins.

EPSON011 happy spectators.JPG



An open Invitation Tournament for the “Rosies Trophy” took place on 17th June, 1990 with a good representation of clubs from both city and county. Carrigaline were the victorious team, regaining the trophy from Highfield who won the inaugural event in 1989. The winning team were Marie Kenneally, Deirdre Cremen, Pat Dunne and Barry Downey                                                                                  

.EPSON007 rosies trophy.JPG

Barry Downey, Marie Kenneally, Deirdre Cremen & Pat Dunne

Club Internal Winter League 1990 (Closed)

Winning Team were Brendan Cotter, Mel Darmody, Mary Walsh, Helen O’Connor and Sean Curtin

Runners-up - Joe Sammon, Caroline Morrissey, Miriam Ginn, Anne McCarthy and Pat Dunne

EPSON005 internal winter league.JPG

Brendan Cotter, Mel Darmody, Mary Walsh, Helen O’Connor and Sean Curtin


Veterans Tournament



Marie Kenneally Winner of the Ladies Singles Veterans Tournament pictured with runner-up Laura Sheehan, Ron Sisk Club Captain and John Collins Club Secretary


Bernard Walley winner of the Mens Singles Veterans Tournament pictured with runner-up Sean Curtin, Ron Sisk Club Captain and John Collins Club Secretary


Participants in the 1990 Annual Turkey Tournament


1990 Turkey Tournament Winners  


The Veterans Tournament took place in October 1991

Mens Winner Billy McKeon, Runner up Pat O’Flynn

Ladies ‘A’  Winner Marie Kenneally, runner-up Sarah Cronin

Ladies ‘B’ Winner Aileen O’Gorman, runner-up Rose Barry


                   Marie Kenneally & Sarah Cronin                                                     Rose Barry & Aileen O’Gorman


Billy McKeon & Pat O’Flynn

December 1991

39 festive revelers turned out for Hot Toddy Tournament on Dec 27th. Prizes such as the “Boot”, the “Pink Toilet Roll” and the much coveted “Ball signed by the Chairperson” were on offer.



Husbands and wives:

Group A: Winners: Joe and Stephanie Kavanagh. Runner up: Diarmuid O'Mahony & Anita Carroll

Group B: Winners: Jim & Marie Kenneally.  Runner up: Sean and Carmel Curtin.


Carrigaline win the Shandon Crystal Coastal League.

The Team was Catherine Mulhare (Captain)/Ollie Power, Aidan Wims/John Collins, Rose Barry/Jocelyn Pierce.

This was the first Carrigaline team to win the trophy beating Fountainstown by one point (24-23).

coastal league question.jpg

Husbands & Wives

Group A Winners: Brian & Mary Walsh.  Runners-up: Derek & Mary Daly

Group B Winners: Pat & Eleanor Donnellan.  Runners-up: Jim & Marie Kenneally


 Catherine Mulhare Inaugural Veterans Tournament


IMG_4791 winners.JPG

John Mulhare presenting the Catherine Mulhare Memorial Trophy to Jocelyn Pierce and team members Fiona Crumplin, Patsy Dunlea, Deirdre Duboy and Gus Bowen

2012 Catherine Mulhare Veterans Tournament

DSC00913 vets 2012 winning team1.JPG

Fergus Slyne Memorial Trophy 2013


Dolores Slyne, with the Fergus Slyne Memorial Trophy, and winning team members Tom Noonan, Sheila Stokes, Mark Cunningham and Stephanie Corkery

Junior Achievements


Winners of the Inaugural Junior Club Closed Championships

Girls 12 to 16 singles. Winner - Caroline Morrissey. Runner Up - Kay Murphy

Boys 12 to 16 singles. Winner - John Slyne. Runner up - John Lamb

Girls 8 to 12 Singles Winner- Kim Walley. Runner Up - Sarah Jane Moore

Boys 8 to 12 Singles. Winner - Donal Crowley. Runner up - Colin Gibson


Junior/Juvenile Club Championships

U12 Singles Girls        Susan Hurley, runner up: Abbey O'Regan

U12 Singles Boys        Cian McCarthy, runner up: Anthony Sweeney

U14 Singles Girls        Kim Walley, runner up: Susan Foster

U14 Singles Boys        Sean Crowley, runner up: Eoin O'Flaherty

U16 Singles Girls        Sarah O'Regan, runner up: Michelle Rea

U16 Singles Boys        Kelvin O'Sullivan, runner up: Emmett Scanlon

U18 Singles Boys        Emmett Scanlon, runner up: Kelvin O'Sullivan


U10 Singles:                 Erica Dunne and David Hickey

U12 Singles:                 Abbey O'Regan and Cian McCarthy

U12 Boys Doubles:         Eoin & Mike Barrett,

U12 Girls Doubles         Abbey O'Regan & Sally Riordan

U 12 Mixed Doubles        Abbey O'Regan & Eoin Barrett

U14 Singles                Susan Hurley and Aidan O'Sullivan

U14 Doubles                Susan Carter & Susan Hurley

U14 Boys Doubles        Cian McCarthy & Eoin Harte-Barry

U16 Singles                Sarah O'Regan and Kelvin O'Sullivan

U18 Singles                Sarah O'Regan and Emmet Scanlon

U18 Girls Doubles        Sarah O'Regan & Susan Hurley

U18 Boys Doubles        Emmett Scanlon & Mark Cunningham

U18 Mixed Doubles        Emmett Scanlon & Susan Hurley


Junior Club Summer League sponsored by McCarthy Engineering. The members of the winning team were: Emmett Scanlon (Captain), Liz Hesse, Amy Perrott, Anthony Angelini, Owen Hickey, Mike Barrett and Ian Kearney.


1990 Juvenile Summer League


Emmett Scanlon was selected as the first “Juvenile Club person of the Year” and was presented with a perpetual plaque by Tom and Joy Murphy Trophies


1990 Participants in the Juvenile Club Championships


1990 Juvenile Club Championships Winners


Juvenile Club Championships:

Girls u10 Singles:         Caroline Dunne

Boys u10 Singles:        Gareth Hickey

Girls u12 Singles:        Yvonne Sheehan

Boys u12 Singles:         David Hickey

Girls u14 Singles:         

Boys u14 Singles:        David Hickey

Girls u16 Singles:         Abby O'Regan

Boys u16 Singles:        Aidan O'Sullivan

Girls u18 Singles:         Abby O'Regan

Girls u14 Doubles:        A. O'Regan/N. Hurley

Girls u18 Doubles:         S. Hurley / A.O'Regan

Mixed u18 Doubles:        S.O'Regan/K.O'Sullivan

The overall 'Juvenile of the Year' presented by Tom and Joy Murphy was won by Conor Carbery.


u10 Boys Singles        Shane Thompson, runner up Cormac Hughes 9/6

u10 Girls Singles        Sommer Craig, runner up Susan Casey 9/5

u12 Boys Singles        Alan Cinnamond, runner up Garreth Hickey 6/4 7/5

u12 Girls Singles (round robin)        Geraldine Kehoe, runner up Caroline Dunne

u14 Boys Singles        David Hickey, runner up Owen Hickey 6/2 6/3

u14 Girls Singles        Karen Cinnamond, runner up Niamh Hurley 6/2 6/1

u14 Boys Doubles        Gearoid Terry/David Hickey, runner up Owen Hickey/Gearoid Jeffrey 6/1 6/0

u14 Girls Doubles        Karen Cinnamond/Niamh Hurley, runner up Erica Dunne/Yvonne Sheehan 7/5 6/2

u14 Mixed Doubles        Karen Cinnamond/David Hickey, runner up Erica Dunne/Owen Hickey 6/2 6/3

u16 Boys Singles        Gavin Wims, runner up Owen Hickey 6/2 6/1

u18 Boys Singles        David Hickey, runner up Gavin Wims 6/4 3/6 6/4

u18 Girls Singles        Abby O'Regan, runner up Susan Hurley 6/4 7/5

u18 Boys Doubles        David Hickey/Gearoid Terry, runner up Owen Hickey/Gavin Jeffrey 6/4 7/5

u18 Girls Doubles        Susan Hurley/Abby O'Regan beat Niamh Hurley/Karen Cinnamond 6/2 6/1

u18 Mixed Doubles (round robin)        Karen Cinnemond and David Hickey, runner up Erica Dune and Billy Perrott.


Junior Championships (Joe Hughes: Juvenile Liason officier)

Boys u9 Blitz                Glen Kavanagh

Girls u9 Blitz                Amy Collins

Boys u10 Singles        Donnacha Kiely

Girls u10 Singles        Carolyn O'Callaghan

Boys u12 Singles        Gareth Hickey

Girls u12 Singles        Caroline Dunne

Boys u14 Singles        David Hickey

Girls u14 Singles        Yvonne Sheehan

Boys u14 Doubles        David Hickey/Owen Hickey

Girls u14 Doubles        Erica Dunne/Yvonne Sheehan

Mixed u14 Doubles        David Hickey/Erica Dunne

Boys u16 Singles        Kieran Mahon

Girls u16 Singles        Abby O'Regan

Boys u18 Singles        Aidan O'Sullivan

Girls u18 Singles        Susan Hurley

Boys u18 Doubles        Aidan O'Sullivan/Gavin Wims

Girls u18 Doubles        Susan Hurley/Abby O'Regan

Mixed u18 Doubles        Susan Hurley/Aidan O'Sullivan

Junior of the year awarded to Billy Perrott.



Junior Championships

Girls Singles u10        Amy Collins, runner up Sarah Dunne

Boys Singles u10        Tony O'Sullivan, runner up David Ward

Girls Doubles u10        Amy Collins/Sarah Dunne, runner up Katy Perrott/Laura O'Callaghan

Mixed Doubles u10        Sarah Dunne/Joe Hughes, runner up Katy Perrott/Shane O'Hanlon

Girls Singles u12        Susan Casey, runner up Carolyn O'Callaghan

Boys Singles u12        John Harrington, runner up Jonathon Duggan

Girls u14 Singles        Caroline Dunne, runner up Ruth Hickey

Boys u14 Singles        Garett Hickey, runner up Shane Thompson

Girls Doubles u14        Susan Casey/Sommer Craig, runner up Caroline Dunne/Ruth Hickey

Boys u14 Doubles        Garett Hickey/Shane Thompson, runner up Brian Walley/Cormac Hughes

Mixed u14 Doubles        Cormac Hughes/Susan Casey, runner up Brian Walley/Caroline Dunne

Girls u18 Singles        Erica Dunne, runner up Amy Perrott

Boys u18 Singles        David Hickey, runner up Brian Dennehy

Girls u18 Doubles        Erica Dunne/Amy Perrott, runner up Jill Downey/Anita Hughes

Boys u18 Double        David Hickey/Owen Hickey, runner up Gavin Jeffrey/Padraig O'Driscoll

Mixed u18 Doubles        David Hickey/Erica Dunne, runner up Brian Dennehy/Jill Downey

Junior of the year was David Hickey


Boys Singles u10        Tony O'Sullivan, runner up David Ward

Girls Singles u10        Laura O'Callaghan, runner up Niamh Drummond

Boys Doubles u10        Tony O'Sullivan/Joe Hughes, runner up Shane O'Hanlon/David Ward

Girls Doubles u10        Niamh Drummond/Laura O'Callaghan, runner up Chloe McCarthy/Laura Thompson

Mixed Doubles u10        Tony O'Sullivan/Laura Thompson, runner up Alan Ginn/Sarah Hickey

Boys Singles u12        Eoin Kehoe, runner up Paul Williamson

Girls Singles u12        Carol Warren, runner up Lauren McCarthy

Boys Double u12        Eoin Kehoe/Stephen Ginn, runner up Ronan Hennessy/Ian Desmond

Girls Doubles u12        Carol Warren/Lauren McCarthy, runner up Carol Preston/Amy Collins

Mixed Doubles u12        Eoin Kehoe/Carrol Warren, runner up Lauren McCarthy/Peter Foley

Boys Singles u14        Shane Thompson, runner up Cormac Hughes

Girls Singles u14        Susan Casey, runner up Sommer Craig

Boys Doubles u14        Cormac Hughes/Shane Thompson, runner up Kevin McCarthy/William Harte

Girls Doubles u14        Susan Casey/Sommer Craig, runner up Ashling O'Connor/Leah Williamson

Mixed Doubles u14        Cormac Hughes/Sommer Craig, runner up Shane Thompson/Ashling O'Connor

Boys Singles u18        Gareth Hickey, runner up Owen Hickey

Girls Singles u18        Kerry Jackson, runner up Clodagh Fitzgerald

Boys Doubles u18        Gareth Hickey/Gavin Jeffrey, runner up Owen Hickey/David Thompson

Girls Doubles u18        Clodagh Fitzgerald/Monica Twomey, runner up Geraldine Kehoe/Ruth Hickey

Mixed Doubles u18        Gareth Hickey/Geraldine Kehoe, runner up Owen Hickey/Jill Downey

Junior of the year was Brian Dennehy (Joy Murphy presented trophy to him)

Garrett Hickey represented Munster in the Nestle Semi-finals and finals in Dublin in October.


Boys Singles U12         Daniel Cullinane, runner up Keith Daly

Girls Singles U12         Laura Thompson, runner up Chloe McCarthy

Boys Singles U14         Peter Foley, runner up Tony O’Sullivan

Girls Singles U14         Maighread Conway, runner up Niamh Drummond

Boys Singles U16         Jonathan Duggan, runner up Ronan O’Neill

Girls Singles U16         Carol Warren, runner up Lauren McCarthy                                        

Boys Doubles U14        Peter Foley/Tony O’Sullivan, runner up Elliot O’Keeffe/Alan Ginn        

Girls Doubles U14         Sarah Dunne/Amy Collins, runner up Laura Thompson/Chloe McCarthy

Mixed Doubles U14         Tony O’Sullivan/Amy Collins, runner up Elliot O’Keeffe/Sarah Dunne

Boys Doubles U18         William Harte/Jonathan Duggan, runner up Stephen Ginn/Ronan O’Neill

Girls Doubles U18         Lauren McCarthy/Sarah Dunne, runner up Carol Warren/Amy Collins

Mixed Doubles U18        Jonathan Duggan/Carolyn O’Callaghan, runner up Stephen Ginn/Lauren McCarthy                         

Girls U12 plate Singles        Emma Hughes, runner up Orla O’Sullivan

Boys U14 plate Singles         Alan Ginn, runner up Evin O’Sullivan

Girls U14 plate Singles        Chloe McCarthy, runner up Fiona Madden

Boys U16 plate Singles        Bryan Cotter, runner up Stephen Ginn

Boys U14 plate Doubles        Joe Hughes/Ciaran Cronin, runner up Keith Daly/Daniel Cullinane

Girls U14 plate Doubles        Niamh Drummond/Maighread Conway, runner up Claire O’Sullivan/Deirdre Chambers

Mixed U14 plate Doubles        Alan Ginn/Laura Thompson, runner up Mark O’Mahony/Maighread Conway

'Junior of the Year' award which was presented to Stephen Ginn.



Under 12 Girls Singles        Winner Sarah Hickey. Runner-up Chloe Mc Carthy

Under 14 Boys Singles        Winner Brian Cahill. Runner-up Peter O’Mahoney

Under 14 Mixed Doubles        Winners: Sean Kennedy and Chloe Mc Carthy. Runners-up Stephen Casey and Sarah Hickey

Under 16 Girls Singles        Winner: Karen Warren. Runner-up Lauren Mc Carthy

Under 16 Boys Singles        Winner Stephen Ginn. Runner-up Elliot O’Keeffe

Under 18 mixed:                Winners: Karen Warren and Elliot O’Keefe. Runners-up: Lauren Mc Carthy and Evan O’Sullivan

Under 18 Boys Doubles:        Winners: Jonathon Duggan and Cormac Hughes. Runners-up: Elliot O’Keeffe and Stephen Ginn

Under 18 Girls Doubles:        Winners: Karen Warren and Amy Collins. Runners-up Lauren Mc Carthy and Sarah Dunne

The Juvenile of the Year Award went to Stephen Ginn.



Prize Winners 2001 May Weekend  Junior Open

2001 Closed Club Junior Championships        


Boys Singles                Kyle McEnery                                Ian Warren

Girls Singles                Jill Walsh                                Zara Casey

Double Boys                Kyle McEnery/Ian Warren                 Danial Bagnall/Cian Barry

Double Girls                Jill Walsh/Zara Casey                        Aoife Bagnall/Jane O’Mahony


Boys Singles                Alan Ginn                                Patrick Donnellan

Girls Singles                Laura Thompson                        Sarah Hickey

Doubles Boys                Alan Ginn/Patrick Donnellan                Stephen Casey/David Cullinane

Double Girls                Laura Thompson/Chloe McCarthy        Toni Perrot/Rachel Cronin

Mixed Doubles        Alan Ginn/Laura Thompson                Sean Kennedy/Sarah Hickey


Singles Boys                Mark O’Mahoney                        Sean Kennedy

Singles Girls                Laura Thompson                        Laura O’Callaghan

Double Boys                Mark O’Mahoney/Brian Cahill        Alan Ginn/Peter Donnellan

Double Girls                Mairead Conway/Laura O’Callaghan        Laura Thompson/Chloe McCarthy

Mixed Doubles        Alan Ginn/Laura Thompson                Peter Donnellan/Laura O’Callaghan


Singles Boys                Mark O’Mahoney                        Brian Cahill

Singles Girls                Carol Warren                                Laura McCarthy

Doubles Boys                Mark O’Mahoney/Brian Cahill        Alan Ginn/Patrick Donnellan

Doubles Girls                Carol Warren/Amy Collins                Lauren McCarthy/Sarah Dunne

Mixed Doubles        Carol Warren/Mark O’Mahoney        Brian Cahill/Sarah Dunne


2001 OK Cup Team


Junior Club Championships;

Girls Singles u10        Chantal Wrath, runner up Kate Williams

Boys Singles u10        Eoin Moynihan, runner up Ciaran Malone

Girls Singles u12        Kimberly Spivey, runner up Jennifer Foster

Boys Singles u12        Daniel Bagnall, runner up Kevin Moynihan

Girls Double u12        K.Spivey/J.Foster, runner up R.Casey/L.Jennings

Boys Doubles u12        D.Bagnall/C.Barry, runner up S.Healy/T.Byrne

Girls Singles u14        Jill Walsh, runner up Zara Casey

Boys Singles u14        Patrick Donnellan, runner up Sean Kennedy

Boys Doubles u14        S.Kennedy/S.Casey, runner up P.Donnellan/T.Murphy

Mixed Doubles u14        S.Kennedy/Z.Casey, runner up S.Casey/J.Walsh

Plate Results

Girls Singles u10        Louise Heaphy, runner up        Aoife Bagnall

Boys Singles u10        Shane Healy, runner up Jamie Bouse

Girls Singles u12        Lisa Jennings, runner up Rhona Casey

Boys Singles u12        Redverse McGrath, runner up Eoin Conway.

Boys Singles u14        Kyle McHenry, runner up Stephen Casey.

Junior Championship 2002 #1.JPG

Juniors who took part in the Junior Championships 2002

CTC Casey Cup Team 2002.jpg

Casey Cup Team 2002


OK CUP 2003.jpg

OK Cup Team 2003

OK CUP - sponsored by OK Tool Hire. Carrigaline beat Douglas in Final. The match went to Super Doubles in which Sean Kennedy and Laura Thompson won 6/1 6/0.

Club Captain Sylvia Perrott presented prizes.

Team members:

Singles                Laura Thompson and Sean Kennedy

Girls Doubles                Toni Perrott and Sarah Hickey

Boys Doubles                Stephen Casey and Daniel Cronin


Casey Cup Team 2003/2004

Insert image



2005 OK Cup Team




Congratulations to Alex Duboy in qualifying for the Nationals.



Alex Duboy awarded 'Junior of the Year'

Midi Girls Winner: Emma O’Keeffe                                 Runners-up        Lorna Cousins, Sophie O’Sullivan

Midi Boys Winner Brian Kelleher                                Runners-up Jack Ryan, Calum Crowley

Boys Under 12 Winner Ronan Corkery                         Runner-up Daniel O’Flaherty

Girls Doubles Winners Sophie Crumpin & Alex Duboy        Runners-up        Kate Maxwell & Stephanie Corkery

Boys Doubles Winners Sam Crumplin & Kevin Harrington        Runners-up        Daniel O’Flaherty & Andrew Dunlea

Mixed Doubles Winners Alex Duboy & Sam Crumplin        Runners-up Aoife Bagnall & Daniel Coffey

Girls Singles Winner Alex Duboy                 Runner-up        Stephanie Corkery

Boys Singles Winner Sam Crumplin                Runner-up        Kevin Harrington


Hannah Shalloo received the award for Junior of the Year.


‘Junior of the Year’ 2010

Under 14 boys won the Wilson Cup.

Junior Club Championships 2010


Full court winners


Midi Winners


Mini Winners

2012 Junior Closed Winners

Girls u12:                 Claire O'Sullivan        

Boys u12:                Anirubdh Bhatnagar

Girls u13 and over:         Sophie O'Sullivan        

Boys 13 and over:         Andrew Dunlea