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Captain's Update - 20th May 2020

Over 70’s 

Great to welcome back our over 70’s after Tennis Ireland announced that they were able to return. Full announcement and guidelines. 

If any Members are nervous about returning (due to age, medical conditions etc) and would like to talk about what options (such as pre booking of courts) might be available to them, could they please reach out in full confidence to either myself or Eddie.

Ebooking – Court booking system.

The committee have decided to increase the number of Peak Bookings allowable to 3. This is to cater for the requirement for all names to be on the booking. We would ask all members to adhere to this latter rule for contract tracing purposes. Further tweaks might be needed as and when all members are back playing. It’s also important to remember to Cancel Your Booking as it’s getting very busy at times.


A reminder that coaching is available on Court 5 during the week and at weekends. For more information please contact Head Coach Cian Blake.

Note that Sinead will be back with us from next week.


No word yet on a possible resumption of Doubles (outside of household pairings) or Tournaments (either externally or internally). The next phase of Tennis Ireland’s “Return to Play Plan” is due out in early June so hopefully there might be good news on the Doubles front at least. We do hope to run an internal singles event in June if permissible.

Saturday Night Zoom

Donal is hosting another great Virtual Fun Bingo/Table Quiz this coming Saturday at 8pm. Further details will be sent out tomorrow or Friday. Anyone hoping to play please email Donal before 5pm Friday at:

Finally, The Covid committee would like to thank everyone sincerely for their great adherence to the Tennis Ireland/HSE guidelines and the instructions pertaining to our club such as Parking, Social Distancing etc.

 Enjoy your Tennis!

Club Together during Lockdown

In this period of isolation it is more important than ever for our Members to Club together. The Captain and his Team have organised a Virtual Tournament, Online Zoom Fitness Classes and more to come. Keep an eye on your email.
Club Members have Volunteered to help with Shopping, Collecting Prescriptions etc for those who cannot get out.
Take a look at 'Way back When' on this site and view some old Newsletters

Covid-19 Update #2- 14th May 2020 - Coaching & Lights


For any Member interested in coaching, please note the following:

1.    Coaching can only be for one person, unless the other people are from the same household.

2.    The coaching is for all members. You will need to contact the coach in advance to see what options are available.

3.    Court 5 has been assigned by the COVID Committee as a dedicated coaching only court from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and 9am to 1pm on Saturday. This is to contain the coaching to one specific court within the club and help reduce risk to other members. Coaching on any other court is not permitted on any day of the week.

4.    In this first phase of reopening, the coaching will be run by Cian Monday to Friday and by Mark Cunningham on Saturday mornings. It is hoped to bring other coaches back in on subsequent phases of the re-opening as the 5KM limit is expanded wider.

5.    The coaches have satisfied the committee that they have familiarised themselves with the current guidelines from Tennis Ireland in relation to returning to play. Before making any arrangements with the coaches, they will brief you on what is now required from you to ensure the session can go ahead safely for both you and the coach.

For anyone interested in coaching or simply looking for more information, please contact Cian Blake or Mark Cunningham 

Tennis Lights

Because of the need to reduce the handling of money and given the fact that the clubhouse is closed members are asked not to use tokens for lights in the short-term. Lights will need to be paid beforehand in the following ways:

1.    If playing singles, then enter both names on the booking sheet and then add a guest called “lights”. This will incur a charge of 5 Euro and the total cost will be split between both players via PayPal.

2.    If playing doubles then enter all 4 names on the booking and one player must pay for lights using EasyPayments. There is now a tab for lights on this system.

Lights will be turned on by a member of the committee from 9pm to 10pm only Monday - Thursday. No lights will be available outside of these designated days. This is just a short-term solution.

Message from Your Covid Committee

Dear Members,

As you will have seen there are a considerable number of Tennis Ireland obligations that we need to collectively observe in order to ensure that we can reopen on 18th May.

  • Key obligations are based around:
  • Social distancing
  • Good hand hygiene
  • Contact tracing capabilities 

This is the first of our amended policies geared towards meeting those obligations and relates to the booking of courts.

  • As its members only for this first phase no Guest name will be allowed on booking system.
  • Players must have a per-reserved playing time. It’s no longer permitted to come down on spec even if the courts are free.
  • Play is limited to singles only. The only exception for doubles is if playing partners are from the same household.
  • Off Peak bookings will be set initially to prevent consecutive books (i.e. staying on for a second hour) in line with peak booking rules.
  • All those playing (Adult and Junior) must be named on the booking (this is very important to allow contact tracing should the need arise). So, for singles the system won't accept a booking without 2 names. For doubles we ask that all four names are entered. If a sub is required after the booking is made the booking should be altered to reflect that.
  • Please note the change above requires all those playing to have credit in their account for peak booking times, or the system will not accept the booking. We don't want members scrambling at 8pm to contact their partner(s) to add credit.
  • Coaching will be restricted to Court 5. Coaching on any other court is not permitted in this initial phase
  • Court 5 will be pre-booked for coaching Mon-Fri 9-5pm and Sat 9am-1pm.
  • Further details on coaching will be sent in a separate email

For any Queries regarding specifically to the new booking regulations please contact club captain at  

Important Message - Members Contact Details

Under the guidelines from Tennis Ireland we must ensure we have up to date contact details for all members should contact tracing be required. Can members ensure that the contact information ie email and phone number are update on their easypayments account. For those of you who have not allowed contact by text or email , can you please choose at least one option for us to contact you.

You can check your information on your account once you log in go to :
My Account - Select log in and check the email is correct
To check if you allowed email or text option go to List of Names you can see there what boxes you have previously ticked. If none are ticked please tick at least one now.
To check phone number go to Address Details and verify your contact phone number.

Captains Update - 10th May 2020

Court Reopening – 8 more sleeps….

All set for the opening on the 18th. Please note that play will be restricted to singles play only in this phase of reopening. The only exception for doubles is if playing partners are from the same household. Normal Doubles play will hopefully be starting up in the next phase. One to one coaching will also start up in Carrigaline on the 18th.

In order to encourage households to play each other we are going to try and gather a list of those looking to play other households. If you email in your Name and partner/Son/Daughter/Brother to we will distribute all the parings out to those wishing to take part.

Video on passing Tennis balls.

Under the new regulations avoiding handling tennis balls is a key part of playing tennis in this first phase. Below link is a short video on the different ways of passing tennis balls without handling. The “Pele” flick is to be avoided unless you are under 10.

Club grounds

A lot of work behind the scenes are taking place in order to ensure the grounds/clubhouse are ready and meet the recommendations of Tennis Ireland and the HSE. Even though the club house will be initially closed a deep clean is underway by Fiona and Eimear Geary. The club grounds have been cleaned up (courts swept/grass cut/weeding done) & new safety measures are being put in place such as sanitizing stations etc (all work led by Ger o’S and Noel). Our thanks to all volunteers involved.

Zoom Cardio

Cian has kindly agreed to do one more Cardio session next Saturday at 11am. It would be nice to have a good turnout prior to the resumption of tennis and it’s a good way of getting fit for the restart. Names to before Friday 6pm.


Tim Marnane is available for racket stringing. Just reach out to him on 086 340 0378 and he'll be glad to help.

Bingo/Table Quiz

Our Saturday Night Live show continued last night. Great turnout and great fun. Our thanks to AutoRight for sponsoring the prizes and to Donal for a great MC job. Look out later for details of next weeks event.

Finally and most importantly,

The Covid-19 committee will meet tomorrow night to finalize recommendations specific to our club based on the protocols published by Tennis Ireland. These will be emailed to members shortly afterwards as there will be changes to booking procedure etc. We would ask every member to please read and familiarise themselves with the tennis Ireland protocols available on the Tennis Ireland website in advance.
Tennis Ireland Covid-19 Return to Tennis Guidance

Tennis Balls

Just a reminder regarding the purchase of Tennis Balls as we eagerly contemplate getting back to playing tennis again.

Tennis balls can be purchased in Kilmoney Stores. Just pop in.

The second option is to pay online using EasyPayments under the tab “Club Gear”. Once paid you can then send a text to either Fiona Geary (087 9053832) or Sheila Stokes (086 8301266) who will coordinate delivery to you. Cost is 15 Euro for 6 balls.

The guidelines from Tennis Ireland is that Players should use two sets of clearly marked tennis balls (new or old). These should be alternated for serving with each player only touching their individual tennis balls.

More guidelines will be issued by the committee in the coming days on playing and Health and Safety matters.

Captain's Update - 4th May 2020

While we await the opening of the Courts more great Zoom entertainment is planned this coming Saturday at 7pm. This time it will be Bingo followed by a Table Quiz game.

Donal has agreed to come out of retirement to be the MC once more on the night. Names to before Friday at 6pm.

Don't forget Cian's Cardio Tennis Saturday morning 11am. Names to above email also.

Back to Tennis – 14 sleeps to go

As people would have seen tennis is gearing up to be back on the 18th May. Our chairperson Eddie is leading a dedicated Covid team and everyone is working hard in order to get our members back on court as quickly as possible but as safely as we can. Work is already underway in terms of making the changes required and we await further guidance from tennis Ireland later this week. This is a very welcome announcement. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact Eddie at

Sanitising equipment

We had a great response to our request for sourcing Sanitising Equipment etc. Our sincere thanks to all our members who volunteered to help. Brian Hurley from Kilmoney Stores has very generously agreed to sponsor what we need so we are very grateful to him. We may need additional help from those who have offered at some stage.

Zoom Fitness class

Our zoom fitness classes with Eric have now concluded, huge thanks to Eric for his time and expertise. Next Saturday at 11am Cian will do a cardio class suitable for all levels of fitness. We would love to see full households get involved in these classes. Names to before Friday 6pm.


Last Saturday we have some great fun on our online Bingo game. Our MC (Donal) on the night played a blinder in keeping everyone entertained. We hope to run something similar next Saturday night so keep an eye out for an email on Tuesday.

Interview with Paul Fitzgerald on Irish Tennis Podcasts

In a Podcast from 19th April 2020, Adam Wade chats to Paul Fitzgerald, current Munster coach and DLTC player. Paul has had a great journey in Tennis and tells him about his experiences representing his province aged just 15, his Junior success in Ireland, how he continued that success while on a scholarship in the US and his experiences in Tennis since then.Listen to Paul being interviewed on Irish Tennis Updates Podcasts or on YouTube

Family Bingo Night

This coming Saturday 2nd May we are holding our very first "Zoom" Bingo Night at 7pm. Entry is free. 

The event is being organized by Donal and AlanC so a big thank you to both men for their efforts. We can only take about 25 families so get your name in early if you’re interested. Send an email to before Thursday at 6pm.

Online Zoom Fitness Class - Final Class - Friday 1st May - 10am

We had a very successful 'Zoom' Online Class run by Cian and Eric last Friday with over 20 participants. 

Our last online "Zoom" Fitness Session with Cian and Eric is happening this Friday at 10am. The aim is to assist players of all standards in physical tennis performance. As we edge towards possibly returning to tennis in the coming weeks its very useful way to pick up some tips on essential warmup exercises etc.  Send an email to before Thursday 6pm and you will receive an email before Friday’s session from Cian with a code and link prior to the exercise starting. Hopefully we will have a good crew in attendance for our Final Session.

Club Captain's Update 19th April 2020

Covid-19 update

No major update. Tennis is beginning to start up again in certain countries but as can be read from article below its likely to be under certain new restrictions.

No guidance from Tennis Ireland yet but Munster tennis are engaging with clubs. Regarding tournaments TI have said an email will be going out to clubs to keep them up to speed - essentially, they are working on a number of draft new calendars, working with various opening dates, but there will be a large amount of overlapping of tournaments because there just won’t be the time to run as per the previous calendar. We’ll have to wait and see what this means for our own open.

Club Website – Way Back When

You’ll find some historical gems on our website if you click on the link below. Our thanks to Myriam for pulling it all together.

Way Back When 

Zoom Fitness Class

Well done to everyone who took part in last Fridays class. Next class is Friday 24th April at 10.00am.
Please email Alan if you wish to participate -

Interesting Tennis Websites to look at

Be Gr8 at Tennis - Best Tennis Instruction, YouTube Channels

Serve & Volley Tennis - 10 Tennis Drills to do without a Court

Tennis Ireland - Tennis at Home Skill Awards Intro

Agassi V McEnroe - Wimbledon 1992

Finally, Coach Cian Blake spoke with current Pro Player Sinead Lohan about her US college tennis journey and her pro career to date. Very good interview.

Virtual Tennis Tournament

Thanks to Alan & Maria for running this Fundraiser for a very worthy Charity

The Winners 

Mens Doubles A – Alan Kelly & Paul Williamson

Mens Doubles B – Dave O’Brien & Dave O’Connor

Ladies Doubles A – Katarzyna Gumienny & Maria O’Reilly

Ladies Doubles B – Mary Malone & Dana Swanton

 Full Results

The Club ran a Virtual Tennis Tournament which started on Easter Monday, for Members only, to raise money for the Amazing Frontline Staff in CUH - CUH Charity


Check in on our Facebook Page for another great Picture Quiz tonight at 8pm. If anyone has any Baby Photos they want to share then please continue to send them to Maria O’Reilly or email to  

We would also like to see your photos or videos of makeshift Tennis/Table Tennis/Badminton Courts or whatever activities you have devised to keep fit/sane during this time. 

An Example HERE of the Novahall Open run recently. Nadal seems to be foot faulting a lot.

More Interesting Websites

Be Gr8 at Tennis - Best Tennis Instruction, YouTube Channels

Serve & Volley Tennis - 10 Tennis Drills to do without a Court

Tennis Ireland - Tennis at Home Skill Awards Intro

Agassi V McEnroe - Wimbledon 1992

Essential Tennis – Podcast #315. How to play a great game of Tennis after a break

Tennis Files  - TFP 140 – World Class Double Strategy.

Wimbledon's Funniest Moments  

Updates from the Club Captain - 6th April 2020 - Some Ideas to keep you occupied

Check out Munster Tennis Facebook Page.  Listen to a recent Interview by Cian Blake with former Pro Player and current Davis Cup Captain, Conor Niland. Cian is also going to organise an online fitness session in the coming days for members. Keep checking your email.

Check Carrigaline Tennis Club Facebook Page for more Picture Quizzes tonight and in the coming days. If anyone has any baby photos they want to share then please continue to send them to Maria O'Reilly or email to

Read & Watch 

The Joy of Six:  Tennis Tantrums

Best Tennis E-Books 

Tennis Podcasts

Rules of Tennis - ITF has launched a new Tules of Tennis App. So, if you want to impress your partners with invaluable facts such as how long a Tennis Court is or what to do if a bird interrupts play then this app is for you. There is a good section on correcting errors (Rule 27).

To download the App, search ‘Rules of Tennis’ on Google Play for Android devices or the App Store for Apple devices.

Covid 19 - Update 19th April 2020

No major update. Tennis is beginning to start up again in certain countries. Austria  to allow Golf and Tennis resume from 1st May 2020 but it's likely to be under certain new restrictions.
No guidance from Tennis Ireland yet but Munster tennis are engaging with clubs. Regarding tournaments TI have said an email will be going out to clubs to keep them up to speed - essentially, they are working on a number of draft new calendars, working with various opening dates, but there will be a large amount of overlapping of tournaments because there just won’t be the time to run as per the previous calendar. We’ll have to wait and see what this means for our own open.


If any Member needs a Helping Hand with anything such as Shopping or Prescription Pickups etc. – Please refer to an earlier email from the Club with contact details of our Volunteers.

Please do reach out. With movement further restricted don't be shy in asking for help. Thanks to everyone for volunteering.

There's been a suggestion to Clubs that all people should be encouraged to keep a Diary of all places they visit (or have visited recently) and a list of the people they have physical contact with on a daily basis. If this is taken on board, it would reduce the workload of those working tirelessly with the job of Contact Tracing in the weeks ahead. This would make a big difference in identifying people who need to be contacted.

St Patrick's Day Event

Events this Week

This year we are trying out a new event. On Monday night the 16th March the settlers on the North side of Carrigaline will take on the South side in a unique team challenge with the Owenabue river being the dividing line.

If you’re not sure which team you can represent, then stick your toe in the river and if it’s cold then you’re a North-sider. More to follow next week but keep the date